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Japanese Language Lesson 10 - Particles

Dodano: 2013-01-22

Wyświetleń: 538456

Czas trwania: 07:31

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Opis materiału Japanese Language Lesson 10 - Particles

                  Please view previous lessons for additional vocabulary and grammar.

In this lesson, you will learn an introduction to Japanese particles (specifically wa は, ni に, to と and de で). Please be on the lookout for future lessons, where we'll discuss particles further along with more grammar and sentence structure!


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particle は (wa) = topic marker
ex. Mary goes. = Mary-san は (wa) ikimasu.

particle に (ni) - place + ni = indicates direction/place
ex. Mary goes to Boston. = Mary-san は (wa) Boston に (ni) ikimasu.

particle に (ni) - specific time + ni = indicates specific moment in time
ex. Mary goes to Boston at 3 o'clock. = Mary-san は (wa) Boston に (ni) sanji に (ni) ikimasu.

* For relative time (ex. tomorrow, next week, last year, next month, etc.) you do not use the particle ni. Only use ni for specific time.

particle と (to) - with someone + to = indicates with someone
ex. Mary goes to Boston with her mother. = Mary-san は (wa) Okaasan と (to) Boston に (ni) ikimasu.

particle で (de) - transportation + de = indicates mode of transportation
ex. Mary goes to Boston on a plane. = Mary-san は (wa) hikouki で (de) Boston に (ni) ikimasu.

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it's me
2013- video was uploadedCoincidence, Watching it in 2020 and she talked about 2020This gives me chills...
Stellar Pie
She must be there by now.
Ricky Sword
I go on with lessons but i often come back... and step by step, even if i learn every single lection I feel my japanese growing. Thanks to this wonderful sensei
D3D 53C
One can easily guess fromraishuu - next weekraigetsu - next monthrainen - next yearThat"rai" = next"shuu" = week"getsu" = month"nen" = yearAnd with a bit of your knowledge of numbers, you can see that the literal meaning of the word for "May" is "Fifth month."
D3D 53C
Gotta say, Japanese grammar is simple.
ស រាជភូមិ
Excuse me ,when can i use 'he' sensei?
dokka malathi
I like your way of teaching.
Is there something like a universal order for making sentences? And where can I find it?
Ricky Sword
Obiwan Friday!
Since the summary didn't include the vocab on this video take some time stamps :)0:50 2:56 3:475:11