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Mahmood - Soldi | LYRIC VIDEO w/ English Translation | Eurovision 2019 Italy

Dodano: 2019-02-10

Wyświetleń: 2065750

Czas trwania: 03:14

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Opis materiału Mahmood - Soldi | LYRIC VIDEO w/ English Translation | Eurovision 2019 Italy

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Yoooooo almost 1.400.000 views! and 20,000 LIKES. THANK YOU
English/American music could never
ILYA Is Cool
am i the only one that sees his pokemon shirt
Itz_ CookiePlyz
1 like if u realised that he is wearing a Pokemon shirt👇🏼
dady spaghettini
Io spero che analisa canta. In l olanda. Questo anno
ליגל זגזג
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The right translation of "come se avessi avuto soldi" is "as if I had any money", because is referring to himself. Why you haven't correct yet? The sense of the sentence is completely different. You could add a correction without republishing the video
fredy's gaming
200IQ מרגש
Rendy Samuel Ambarita
After knowing the lyrics in english, I was like, wow, this song is deep. It tells everything that happened in a broken family situation.
Tonia Xristoudoulou
Maleek berry