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Japanese Language Lesson 12 - Interrogatives

Dodano: 2013-03-13

Wyświetleń: 272141

Czas trwania: 07:22

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Opis materiału Japanese Language Lesson 12 - Interrogatives

                  Please view previous lessons for additional vocabulary and grammar.
In this lesson you'll learn all about the interrogatives within the Japanese language!
Mary-san wa ashita tomodachi to kissaten de ko-hi- wo nomimasu.
Tomorrow, Mary and a friend will drink coffee at a café.
Nano wo nomimasuka?/ なにをのみますか?/ What will you drink?
Doko de nomimasuka?/ どこでのみますか?/ Where are you drinking?
Dare to nomimasuka?/ だれとのみますか?/ Who will you drink with?
Dare ga nomimasuka?/ だれがのみますか?/ Who is the one drinking?
Kinou/ きのう/ Yesterday
Kyou/ きょう/ Today
Ashita/ あした/ Tomorrow
Senshuu/ せんしゅう/ Last week
Konshuu/ こんしゅう/ This week
Raishuu/ らいしゅう/ Next week
Sengetsu/ せんげつ/ Last month
Kongetsu/ こんげつ/ This month
Raigetsu/ らいげつ/ Next month
Kyonen/ きょねん/ Last week
Kotoshi/ ことし/ This year
Rainen/ らいねん/ Next year
Itsu nomimasuka/ いつのみますか?/ When to drink?
Mary-san wa sanji ni Tanaka-san ni aimasu/ メアリーさんはさんじにたなかさんにあいます。/ Mary will meet Tanaka-san at 3 o'clock
Dare ni aimasuka/ だれにあいますか?/who are you meeting?
Dare ga aimasuka/ だれがあいますか?/ who will be meeting?
Nanji ni aimasuka/ なんじにあいますか?/what time will you be meeting?
Nannichi ni aimasuka/ なんにちにあいますか?/what day will you be meeting?
Nanyoubi ni aimasuka/ なにようびにあいますか?/what day of the week will you be meeting?
Nangatsu ni aimasuka/ なんがつにあいますか?/what month will you be meeting?
Nannen ni aimasuka/ なんねんにあいますか?/what year will you be meeting?
Suzuki-san wa kinyoubi ni Mary-san to densha de Boston ni ikimasu/すずきさんはきんようびにメアリーさんとでんしゃでボストンにいきます。/ Suzuki-san, on Friday, is going to Boston with Mary on the train.
Doko ni ikimasuka/ どこにいきますか?/ Where are you going?
Nande ikimasuka/ なんでいきますか?/ How are you going?
Dare to ikimasuka/ だれといきますか?/ Who are you going with?
Nanyoubi ni ikimasuka/ なんようびにいきますか?/ What day of the week are you going?
Darega ikimasuka/ だれがいきますか?/Who is going?
Nihongo wo benkyou shiteimasuka/ にほんごをべんきょうしていますか?/ Are you studying Japanese?
Doushite nihongo wo benkyou shiteimasuka/ どうしてにほんごをべんきょうしていますか?/ Why are you studying Japanese?
Nihon ni ikimasukara/ にほんにいきますから/ It's because I'm going to Japan.
Okane wo choking shiteimasuka/ おかねをちょきんしていますか?/ Are you saving up money?
Doushite okane wo choking shiteimasuka/ どうしておかねをちょきんしていますか?/ Why are you saving up money
Atarashii kuruma wo kaimasukara/ あたらしいくるまをかいますから/because I'm buying a new car

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Ricky Sword
Little by little Im learning. Yeah, Ive ti see hard parts many times... i see 5 min a day. And, I'm horny if I think Im really learning Japanese😜
Vadym Zaitsev
Thank you for these lessons! Also there's い missing in いきます at 5:32
Ricky Sword
Ussoooo! Amazing lessons...
Troy'Fon Legacy
what the fuck.
This lesson is very useful. I like this teacher the best 🤗 Thank you every teacher for making very useful and fun VDOs. I appreciate a lot 😀
Is it Okane o chokin o shimasu ka ?? Pls answer me 😇
Neethu V
Excellent 👍
Dolly Ohn Chein
The best teacher I can only listen to her voice and remember.
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Hey mama I am from Nepal you are teaching best way to understand
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