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Dodano: 2019-02-03

Wyświetleń: 14409

Czas trwania: 01:21:50

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Opis materiału Thief

                  0:00:00 - Main Titles / The Heist 
0:10:46 - Sam's Forge 
0:13:56 - Chicago Courtroom
0:18:35 - Tailed / The Break-In 
0:28:34 - San Diego Beach / Love Scene
0:32:19 - Frank Is Set Up 
0:36:50 - Destruction 
0:40:07 - Final Confrontation / End Credits
0:45:58 -Trap Feeling 
0:48:55 -Chicago Courtroom (alternate) 
0:54:13 - Tailed / The Break-In (alternate) 
0:59:00 - Beach Theme #1 
1:05:13 - Beach Theme #2 
1:12:00 - Destruction (alternate) 
1:16:12 - Final Confrontation (alternate)                


Rob PetCola
Makes me wanna steal
Lusk Video Productions
Thanks for posting this long-version OST for Thief 1981, its a very rare CD print that used to be out on YT on another channel, with the REAL Confrontation version. Thanks so much!!
I'm Joe Gaggs that was my merch that went out the window
Darth Graggus
I personally never seen the movie but judging by the soundtrack it seems quite promising. By the way, Beach theme #1 is so 'heavy metal'.....just kindly commenting.
Love the second Beach Theme with Belushi and Caan having a good time.
Andrés Aguilar
This album is a masterpiece...Michael Mann's Film... is also a masterpiece. I'm glad he always has this outstanding taste in vangard futuristic music... for such themes as "what does a man choose to do as a career"... and the threshold between good, evil... right and wrong. Loneliness... virtuosity... etc.
R Gray
Edgar rippin' it up ....
Greyedoutfox 54402112
Tangerine Dream - Thief (Extended Edition)0:00:00 - Main Titles / The Heist - aka Diamond Diary0:10:46 - Sam's Forge - aka Burning Bar0:13:58 - Chicago Courtroom - aka Scrap Yard0:18:38 - Tailed / The Break-In - aka Thru Metamorphic Rocks (second half - 10.01)0:28:35 - San Diego Beach / Love Scene0:32:20 - Frank Is Set Up - aka Thru Metamorphic Rocks (first half - 4.32)0:36:50 - Destruction - aka Dr. Destructo0:40:08 - Final Confrontation / End Credits - aka ConfrontationAlternate, Extended & Unused Cues0:45:58 - Trap Feeling0:48:56 - Chicago Courtroom0:53:14 - Tailed / The Break-In - aka Igneous0:59:01 - Beach Theme # 11:05:13 - Beach Theme # 21:12:01 - Destruction1:16:13 - Final Confrontation
R Gray
small chunks taken from ' Force Majeure ' ....any fan knows new folks dont't care haha
sam .t
i used to jam this on cassette back in the mid 80's. really, this music kept me sane through 10th grade