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Dodano: 2019-02-03

Wyświetleń: 18561

Czas trwania: 01:21:50

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Opis materiału Thief

                  0:00:00 - Main Titles / The Heist 
0:10:46 - Sam's Forge 
0:13:56 - Chicago Courtroom
0:18:35 - Tailed / The Break-In 
0:28:34 - San Diego Beach / Love Scene
0:32:19 - Frank Is Set Up 
0:36:50 - Destruction 
0:40:07 - Final Confrontation / End Credits
0:45:58 -Trap Feeling 
0:48:55 -Chicago Courtroom (alternate) 
0:54:13 - Tailed / The Break-In (alternate) 
0:59:00 - Beach Theme #1 
1:05:13 - Beach Theme #2 
1:12:00 - Destruction (alternate) 
1:16:12 - Final Confrontation (alternate)                


Piotr Nabzdyk
Chicago Courtroom and Dr Destructo are my favourites. Fantastic vinyl.
Pablo Méndez
Una obra maestra !,sin duda la mejor de todos los tiempos..
Pablo Méndez
Grandioso álbum el mejor !,un placer para nuestros oídos,un deleite musical de esta genial banda alemana de música electrónica..!.Tangerine Dream..,monstruos ,lo mejor de todos..
un granf film sur les casseurs de coffres ...une référence !...et une musique inoubliable !
The Beach Theme juxtaposed with James Caan sitting staring in pensive thought knowing immediate success and broad comfort lies ahead then the scene jumps to the coast of a beach - this is my musical score when I can retire ...... I am being robbed and burglarized by a society of bigots and politically corrupt asinine entities - the 80's = true cinematic ambience amalgamated with musical splendor - what a film!!!!
Outstanding music and wonderful film!
Jay Smith
got this on vinyl..
I used to love the blue hue street lights gave off back in the day. Way cooler than now.
Rob PetCola
Makes me wanna steal