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Andréa Andréa par André Loppe

Dodano: 2018-05-16

Wyświetleń: 449171

Czas trwania: 04:04

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Opis materiału Andréa Andréa par André Loppe

                  clip accordéon / bal musette / folklore de France / cha cha /
tourné dans la Salle des Fêtes de Melun en Seine-et-Marne
réalisé et produit  par Jean-Michel Legros dit yendoful tito en 2001
compositeurs : A. Loppe / A. Caltagirone /                


Donald Borg
Let's dance -we only live once Malta 18/10/2019.
Terence Heslop
Again viewing the dancing public of France. So enjoyable to watch,especially when I used to dance so often in bygone days.I was always so happy on the floor...Everyone looks so happy,that's the important thing! T.Heslop.UK.
Terence Heslop
11Oct 19 Again viewing this really nice dancing video. The music,the dancers,the dancing, the atmosphere, the video has everything a viewer could wish for. No wonder it gets my attention every day.The only fault I'm not there dancing.I get so envious now that I can't dance anymore..A good substitute, watching. T.Heslop.UK.
Oksana P
bravo, love all performance,
Ritmo contagiante, muito bem interpretado por essa bela orquestra....os dançarinos merecem palmasSaudações de Rio de Janeiro BRASIL
Terence Heslop
6 Oct.19. Back again to my now daily ritual watching my favourite video's.These especially of nice dance music,nice dancing and most of all seeing happiness..People enjoying themselves. Just what would we do without music and what it brings to us.Good morning to all. T.Heslop.UK.
kamaroway günther
Par Andre Loppe
Terence Heslop
Sept 29.2019. Back again this Sunday morning enjoying this accordionist and those that we can't comment on.Both I enjoy very much. Most of all I li enjoy accompanying the dancers in their pastime just watching..Ive got really involved enjoying this type iof music which we don't seem to see here in the UK. T.Heslop.UK.
Terence Heslop
So nice to see people enjoying their dancing.Especially to a good musician. T.Heslop.UIK.
monette condat
magnifique bien joué et de bons danseurs