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Anita Bryant - In My Little Corner Of The World

Dodano: 2011-07-01

Wyświetleń: 203058

Czas trwania: 02:40

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Opis materiału Anita Bryant - In My Little Corner Of The World



steve unger
a lovely song by a very lovely lady
Irish Field
So beautiful and amazing song I sing it often thank you
Irish Field
So great memo to me amazing song by Anita my heart going wild with this thank you
Dorothy Weaver
She was always a good women but when she took a stand for her rights they black balled her and stop playing her music. I love her singing and this one is the best. so many good memories.
peony Roses
... I like both version of this song... One from a woman and one from a young girl.... 💕
Lachlan Reynolds
A great piece of music by a great US lady who brought joy to the world,.
Awful woman
David Walsh
The best version of this song is by Ruby Murray.
William Ruha
Anita Bryant is fully entitled to her Biblically-based belief in the integrity of male-female vs. same-sex marriage.  Those who decry her intolerance should recognize that, unlike themselves, she never expressed hatred of any kind.  She always displayed the Christian principle of "Forgive the sinner; fault the sin."  That she became the lightening rod for such intense irrational negative emotion is more a reflection on the intolerance and indeed intense hatred of her detractors than it was or is, of her.  Find forgiveness in your heart for Anita Bryant.  And fully enjoy the God-given beauty of her immaculate musical voice.
Ruth Boykin
She had an amazing voice, loved so many of her songs..judgemental and was judged and her career went down..all she had to do was sing! Why can't everyone enjoy life!