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4 Verbs (Nomimasu, Tabemasu, Mimasu, Kikimasu) - Japanese Lesson 5

Dodano: 2011-03-26

Wyświetleń: 890613

Czas trwania: 12:05

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Opis materiału 4 Verbs (Nomimasu, Tabemasu, Mimasu, Kikimasu) - Japanese Lesson 5

                  Japan Society currently offers 12 comprehensive levels of Japanese, as well as a variety of specialized courses and workshops including shodō (Japanese calligraphy). Courses take place year round with Fall, Spring and Summer semesters along with intensive and specialized courses throughout the year, so please stop by or visit our website for more information.


In this lesson you will learn 4 new verbs, nomimasu, tabemasu, mimasu and kikimasu and how to correctly use them in sentences.


nomimasu = to drink
tabemasu = to eat
mimasu = to see, to watch
kikimasu = to hear, to listen
nani = what
ashita = tomorrow
kyou = today
kino = yesterday
eiga = movie
kohi = coffee
suteki = steak
ringo = apple
rajio = radio
nihon no ongaku = japanese music
terebi = tv
miruku = milk
wain = wine
kupukekki = cupcake
ka = used at end of sentence to form question
o = particle used after object
hai = yes
iie = no

Sentence structure:

time + object + o + verb
time + nani + o + verb + ka (to ask what someone is eating, drinking, listening to, watching)

For more information about Japanese language classes at the Japan Society, please visit our website!



Seven Belle Days
She's amazing i learn everything from the previous videos 💜💜💜
Ryan McGovern
I have to say her videos are the easiest to follow. Too many japanese lessons on here place entertainment above actual slow methodical learning. Wish there were more
Мария К.
Thanks a lot! Great teacher!
Lara Jade
Arigato sensei, great teaching skills. Sayonara
This is 9 years old and it's still very useful
leah leahalih
hazel :0
these lessons are so so good! if it helps anyone, I always remember ‘tabe’ in tabemasu sounds like ‘table’ and you eat at a table.
Eduardo Galdino
Kino watashi o benkyou
Iresha Rathnayake
nice teaching.......と゛うも ありき゛とう
harper void HV ハーパー
みます 聞きます 食べます 飲みます