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Gay Music Chart - 2018 week 26

Dodano: 2018-06-24

Wyświetleń: 15562

Czas trwania: 20:58

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Opis materiału Gay Music Chart - 2018 week 26

                  Welcome to the Gay Music Chart, the LGBTQA related music videos TOP 50 actuality and most request. 
Vote for your favourite LGBTQA related music videos by leaving a comment for this post on : 
YOUTUBE (in the comment section of the video of the week) : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz7yfp-xq-b08tD6mAWwclA 
BLOGGER : http://gaymusicchart.blogspot.fr 
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/GayMusicChart/ 
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/GayMusicChart with #GayMusicChart  
TUMBLR : http://gaymusicchart.tumblr.com   

See you next week and don’t forget to vote for your best LGBTQA music videos ! Here are the rules :
1 ) You can vote for many videos as you want under the videos on YouTube in the comment section. It could be recent or past music videos, which must provide at least one among the following conditions:
- the music video has LGBTQA related content, in the lyrics or the music video
- the artist is LGBTQA, an LGBTQA icon or eventually ally
- LGBTQA medias talked about it.
2 ) You can’t vote more than 3 songs of a same artist per week.
3 ) In case of an artist who receive votes mostly by a fan base, we will count only one song, in a limited time of 4 weeks of presence in the top. 
4 ) You can vote with only one account.
5 ) If you make 5 votes or less, your first vote will represent 5 points, your second vote 4 points, etc… until your last vote and following 1 point. If you make 6 to 10 votes, your first vote will represent 10 points, your second vote 9 points, etc… If you make more than 10 votes, your first vote will represent 20 points, your second vote 19 points, etc…
6 ) People who make 1 to 5 votes form the amateur ranking, those who make 6 to 10 votes form the fan ranking, those who make more than 10 votes form the expert ranking. We form the jury ranking (but this one is for the moment suspended as experimentation). And we count now the ranking of minutes of views of our weekly playlist of the previous week. The Gay Music Chart is the addition of the five charts. In case of equality, the number of votes and the dates of votes will count. 
7 ) The votes will close on Thursday, 8 PM, European time.                


Gay lords 🚨 ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!!
Sebastian Salvador
Troy sivan dance to this
lyric gibson
Yes I am. Gay ❤💛💚💙💜 OK 👍🆗
Fabio Leal
wonderful playlist, i love, thank you
1....KAYU Feat. Mila Jam - Better Days2....U2 - Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way - Offer Nissim Remix
Karana Mim
Maksim Reimer - Original Self (Enough Is Enough) Pride Hymne 2018Sam Smith feat Logic - PrayTuure Boelius - Lätkäjätkä-VilleAlexis Aris - Wrong Love
Please include Brennan Villines performance of 500 miles from this week's "The Four" episode in upcoming new music. It was a fantastic performance from an openly gay and HIV positive artist. He got a challenge too.
[Part 2 of 2] 43. Sophie ~ Faceshopping [Vote For RE-ENTRY!] https://youtu.be/es9-P1SOeHU?list=PLrE0Knby3zbw0aSc_hDCcEyGWlnTzkA6E 44. Sophie ~ Immaterial (Audio) https://youtu.be/bbsNInbydGQ?list=PLrE0Knby3zbyjCfYzfDsUWmuoMlJy9xhp 45. Michael Medrano feat. Steve Grand ~ Heal https://youtu.be/cKpQkWV0o14?list=PLrE0Knby3zbxL4j8nxqa0Y3QfASQKY0r0 46. Sam Smith ft. Logic ~ Pray https://youtu.be/h0xHxZpNAHw?list=PLrE0Knby3zbzeRgwpRL4cbTdd7biYoMnO 47. King Princess ~ Talia NEW https://youtu.be/43n1wghXRGM?list=PLrE0Knby3zbwa8kmVtfJIRUA6OHPQ0bph 48. Peppermint ~ Black Pepper NEW https://youtu.be/6V7inhV7_x0?list=PLrE0Knby3zbwa8kmVtfJIRUA6OHPQ0bph 49. Michael Blume ~ Blunder https://youtu.be/lOLk1zdbdaA?list=PLrE0Knby3zbxE5HaqLMzns3bMDY67rbPy [BRILLIANT!]50. Samuel Hope ~ Lead Me On https://youtu.be/edH5xnIJp6c?list=PLrE0Knby3zbxL4j8nxqa0Y3QfASQKY0r0 51. LSD ~ Genius https://youtu.be/HhoATZ1Imtw?list=PLrE0Knby3zbxL4j8nxqa0Y3QfASQKY0r0 52. Heidrik ~ White Flag https://youtu.be/y3W3i0G3XmE?list=PLrE0Knby3zbwa8kmVtfJIRUA6OHPQ0bph 53. Christine and The Queens feat. Dâm-Funk ~ Damn, dis-moi (Girlfriend) NEWhttps://youtu.be/nnLdw5IOvy4?list=PLrE0Knby3zbwa8kmVtfJIRUA6OHPQ0bph 54. Sasha Velour's One Dollar Drags ~ Pirate Jenny NEW https://youtu.be/dIjms29rFA0?list=PLrE0Knby3zbxL4j8nxqa0Y3QfASQKY0r0 I know I'm voting for more Todrick Hall videos than the rules allow. But eventually all "Forbidden" track will be released as individual videos. What else can I do but "waste" a few votes??55. Todrick Hall ~ Thug https://youtu.be/ohUXSs3TbsY?list=PLrE0Knby3zbzeRgwpRL4cbTdd7biYoMnO 56. Todrick Hall ~ Ordinary Day https://youtu.be/1Zxma3b1BP0?list=PLrE0Knby3zbzeRgwpRL4cbTdd7biYoMnO 57. Todrick Hall ~ All American NEW https://youtu.be/6_NbCQj9H4Q?list=PLrE0Knby3zbzeRgwpRL4cbTdd7biYoMnO 58. Todrick Hall ft. Jade Novah & Cynthia Erivo ~ Nobody NEW https://youtu.be/ksYFeDcVikY?list=PLrE0Knby3zbzeRgwpRL4cbTdd7biYoMnO 59. Todrick Hall ~ Changed My Mind NEW https://youtu.be/gugeVmBaYq0?list=PLrE0Knby3zbzeRgwpRL4cbTdd7biYoMnO 60. Todrick Hall ft. Shangela ~ Dollhairs NEW https://youtu.be/EblIQrHoWC8?list=PLrE0Knby3zbzeRgwpRL4cbTdd7biYoMnO 61. Todrick Hall ~ Ka-Ching https://youtu.be/dJhf9eO4qLs?list=PLrE0Knby3zbzeRgwpRL4cbTdd7biYoMnO 62. Todrick Hall ~ Shine https://youtu.be/Fe7_x12yU9A?list=PLrE0Knby3zbzeRgwpRL4cbTdd7biYoMnO 63. Todrick Hall ft. Brandy ~ Lullaby https://youtu.be/peDAVbJwr58?list=PLrE0Knby3zbzeRgwpRL4cbTdd7biYoMnO 64. SHHE ~ Eyes Shut [Vote For RE-ENTRY!] At SHHE's channel: https://youtu.be/JWrUhChWiLc?list=PLrE0Knby3zbw0aSc_hDCcEyGWlnTzkA6E At the magazine DAZED's channel: https://youtu.be/oVRs7hLzNPw?list=PLrE0Knby3zbxE5HaqLMzns3bMDY67rbPy 65. Reigen ~ Smoke Drink Party https://youtu.be/qmbeYExhBP4?list=PLrE0Knby3zbxL4j8nxqa0Y3QfASQKY0r0 66. AURORA ~ Queendom https://youtu.be/wULeXeQkqd0?list=PLrE0Knby3zbxL4j8nxqa0Y3QfASQKY0r0 67. Thunderpussy ~ Badlands https://youtu.be/Xmh_o-o0HLA?list=PLrE0Knby3zbxL4j8nxqa0Y3QfASQKY0r0 68. Aja The Kween ~ Brujería (feat. Mitch Ferrino) NEW https://youtu.be/T9m_Ffxxxlc?list=PLrE0Knby3zbxL4j8nxqa0Y3QfASQKY0r0 69. Kaleena Zanders ~ Stronger Than I've Ever Been (Piano Edit) https://youtu.be/tuQVBHd4i1E?list=PLrE0Knby3zbzRK4VZicRVZ2MHCeqZ-eC7 70. Crys Matthews ~ Changemakers https://youtu.be/6X4O2TXjeX4?list=PLrE0Knby3zbwsiyCTZ7aWqCalDKSWdX5L 71. Scott Matthews ~ End Of Days [Vote For RE-ENTRY!] https://youtu.be/77nBvaWhBcY?list=PLrE0Knby3zbxL4j8nxqa0Y3QfASQKY0r0 72. Parson James ~ Only You https://youtu.be/2Xyf_PCf7lc?list=PLrE0Knby3zbyfN5WgkXyWyO3Icz_2KiLf [Vote For RE-ENTRY!]73. Jay Spears ~ ReVoLuTiOn https://youtu.be/GeVr_lucnHQ?list=PLrE0Knby3zbzwI5GQcl1wJnDrutfLdXJO Remember Jay Spears' "I Like Mike"? https://youtu.be/Xx36GSxqHDU?list=PLrE0Knby3zbyAvh-Bgow98_w2eC1GdvV_ It ran on LOGO TV on the day the channel debuted, and from then until over a year later.74. Martin Swinger ~ God Loves https://youtu.be/nm_gaDNWrcg?list=PLrE0Knby3zbwXpIhti0N8w36Ns6BMtYlqVoting primarily based on the songs, secondarily about promoting the under-appreciated artist, then about the video.Subscribe to OutGayMusic -- The Best Music By, For, and About Q-BGLT folks!https://www.youtube.com/c/OutGayMusic https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE6h7b2OUEDY8hXxJUnVIIA
Isaac L
1. Michael Medrano - Heal (feat. Steve Grand)2. Sakima - Daddy3. Scott Hoying - Ghost4. Blair St. Clair - Now or Never5. Kim Petras - Heart to Break