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Do Kean Dysso - What Yo' Gonna | Music Visualization🖤🎶💎

Dodano: 2018-12-30

Wyświetleń: 505936

Czas trwania: 03:32

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Opis materiału Do Kean Dysso - What Yo' Gonna | Music Visualization🖤🎶💎

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◆ All effects were made in Adobe After Effects CC 2018.

◆ ♬ Song: Do Kean Dysso - What Yo' Gonna 

◆ Creator of Art: Asya
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Maxwell Erickson
Mmm now a chick that is tough and could beat me up is sexy
Edward V
Weebs make Azur Lane:Japanese Imperial Navy: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?
pass _meridianbae
Welp. I guess I'm hooked now. Disappointing too, I hated hentai since high school but this music will have to be an exception.
Collasol Bear
everyone, male or female, want a hottie to look at them like that.
girl in the vid?
Kakarot Terry
This goes HARD
Lucas PRS
I came from soundcloud after listening to Halogen - U got thatMan this is one hell of a banger
%should kid? ???%
Jok Kir
Уу сука спиздели музон.