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Kevin McHale - Help Me Now [Official Video]

Dodano: 2019-04-17

Wyświetleń: 1228179

Czas trwania: 04:42

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Opis materiału Kevin McHale - Help Me Now [Official Video]

                  "Help Me Now" Download/Streaming: https://vydia.lnk.to/HelpMeNow

Director: Justin Thorne https://www.instagram.com/justinthorneme/
DP: Cale Nichols
Color: Bryan Smaller
Choreography: Jessie Lee Thorne & Shonnie Solomon
Nolan Gould: Nolan Gould
Additional footage: Ryan Maslyn

Special Thanks to: Santa Clarita Studios


Help Me Now
(Kevin McHale/ Wednesday/Justin Thorne)

I’ve got an insecure question
Do you still love me?
Like all the time that you spend on your phone
Are you thinkin’ of me?

You know I hate to ask
But I just can’t help myself
I hate it even more than you do
Never know when I will be through, yeah

I’ve got an insecure question...
You sure you still love me?

But even if u do 
I won’t believe you
I’ll play out all these little games in my head
It might be the truth
I still won’t believe you 
I’ll play back every little thing that you said 

Oh Help Me Now
I’m getting caught up
In 10 feet of water 
Staring at the bottom, yeah
Help Me Now

Sorry I brought up
All the shit I thought of
Please love me tomorrow, yeah
Help Me Now

Help Me Now
Can you Help Me Now
Oh Help Me Now

I’m insecure and defensive 
Tell me what you’re thinking
When you wanna spend some time by yourself
Tell me, do you miss me?

And I don’t need a pass 
Cuz I know I’m acting wrong
I hate myself when the thought comes up
I know better but not enough, yeah 

I’ve got an insecure question:
Do you wanna fuck?

Throw your rope 
Give me something
If you don’t, then I won’t

Throw your rope 
Give me something
If you don’t, then I won’t

Copyright (C) 2019 Kevin McHale.                


Kevin McHale
She’s here! Laugh. Dance. Be merry. Whatever you want. Just come get weird with us. #HelpMeNow
Elektra Lyholm-Raagaard
thought for a second I misclicked on yet another modern family interviewhappily surprised though!
Annie Morgan
Turns out the guy from Ratatouille can dance
This seems to have popped up in my recommendations as it knows how furious I am that he didn’t win X factor
Eduardo Beckett
Madeline Platt XoXo
Any body else still find it strange seeing him jumping about and dancing, even after all of these years or is it just me🤣 love this song it's a bop❤
Jessi Neilsen Carreño
Is this Mr. Schu's house?
Dakota Mae
id love to hear this preformed live w The 1975 :o sounds so fun
T dan
He can walk?!?!?! 😕😁
This is so gay. I love it