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T 34 Russian Victory Documentary

Dodano: 2016-09-21

Wyświetleń: 222871

Czas trwania: 55:22

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Bear Bomber
Nonsense.Russia was far from finished in November 1941.Zhukov had one million Siberians and 500 T 34,s waiting to kick German ass. One Siberian was worth 10 Germans in minus 30 conditions.
Bear Bomber
Hitlers arm started shaking after he lost the Battle of Kursk.Stalin was having all night parties.
About 38 million people died. t-34 tank did its job
polar bear
The ratio between German and Russian tank losses were 1 German tank to 4.4 Russian tanks. So you can disregard the statement that the T34 was the best tank in WWII obviously the Russians lost 87,000 the Germans lost 27,000 the best tank of WWII was the German panther tank one on one or one on two or one on three or one on four the panther won according to the statistics
Wow. This documentary moved me just in how it described the massive scale of the battles the Russians and Germans fought.
Jeffrey Jones
Classic video-documentary heavily seasoned with hyperbole and propaganda residue. T34's very crudely made. Also unable to stand up to heavy German armor, except in large numbers. Heavier T34-like KV's could do more damage, and may have been confused with the lighter T34 by sheer appearance. Overall, informative and contextually correct, but clearly slanted towards the simplified generalizations we today use to remember the horrors of war.
General Zirkobi
People are going to hate me for saying this but the T-34 is an overrated Tank. And in all honesty, the Sherman was better. And it unlike the T-34 didn't tear itself apart after 1000 kilometers of travel.
todd reaker
Very good tank until the Tiger and Panther came along
my first issue within the first few minutes is that they claim the T-34 was the only tank capable of taking on Germany's "Mighty Panzers when really, most US tanks armed with a 76 as well as the british 17 pdr could easily crack through Tiger armor as well as certain places on the Panther. having to go against a Tiger II (rare as it might seem) not even the soviet 85mm could punch through the armor plating without getting it's sides or rear. However this is only based on the first line in the video so take this with a grain of salt.
lis lisser
that's funny... soviets bought car production lines from USA, but they focused on production, not on profit... so they made cheap and easy to mass manufacturing tank, of all best features... germans had GM Opel build modern american way truck factory, they were setting modern WV car factory.... but their tanks were made in reasonably old fashion way... by locomotive, factories they were made to bring profit to manufacturers, even Alkett rised in 1937 was no match to soviet or american factories in terms of production organisation