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T 34 Russian Victory Documentary

Dodano: 2016-09-21

Wyświetleń: 89077

Czas trwania: 55:22

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Opis materiału T 34 Russian Victory Documentary

                  It was the most important weapon mobilized by Russia during World War II. Designed and developed in total secrecy, it entered the fray in 1941 and played a critical role in stopping the advance of Operation Barbarossa.                


What is the accordion played at 42:40
Kruno Baraba
37:33 “ Overall Russians lost 400 000 men in the battle for Berlin “1 . Not Russians , but Soviets . Many other nations fought there . Same as British are not only English but Welsh , Scottish , Irish and Pakistani , same as Americans are not only WASPs . Just saying .2. Not 400 000 man , but some 80 000 according Wikipedia .Archival research (operational total) 81,116 dead or missing[10] 280,251 sick or wounded 1,997 tanks and SPGs destroyed[11] 2,108 artillery pieces 917 aircraft[1https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Berlin
Bruno Pinkhof
Mr. Atwater, you look like Jean-Luc Dehaene (was Prime minister of Belgium).
William Linklater
T34 was trash, a horrible kill ratio and was good for the 6 months it has seen action. It was sooo fucking good and better than any other German tank (pz 3s and 4s) that is still suffered horrendous losses despite being 'better'. Only thing I have sympathy for is the Russian crew that had to drive that awful tank to their deaths in the vain hope of propping up Soviet propaganda. Keep throwing trash at a brick wall and eventually, you will win, with American and British Oil and food, the Soviet generals happily threw their men away and then turn around and say, 'T34 was the best tank', hahahahaha, now that is truly delusional.
Morrigan Ravenchild
The success of Soviet armour was purely in numbers. The Germans were often outnumbered as much as 7 to 1 and still held.
Daniel McGrew
A Red Army Sherman commander compares the M4 and T34 and offers his opinion on British tanks.         https://iremember.ru/en/memoirs/tankers/dmitriy-loza/
Was not the first vehicle ever to have sloped armor.
constantinos diacoumidis
The T-34 has been especially important during "Operation Typhon", the attack on Moscow by group army center. At that time, the germans did not have a tank with a 76,2mm calibre, and a sloap armour (i'm not sure for the writing as i am swiss-french speaking). The point i want to make it that, to my point of view, Hitler lost the war precisisely in december 1941, with the enter of America in the war, he was suddenly faced with an alliance he could never hope to defeat : URSS-England-and USA. He only had gazoline for a 3 months campaign, and his crazy plans ended in total failure from the fall of 1941. Despite better tanks at the end, Hitler failed again at Kursk, the russians could replace their losses, not the germans. A Tiger tank lost was lost forever. The t-34, robust, wide tracks, can be considered as the smartest tank divised in ww2.
https://youtu.be/K6vFcPdnnhQ?t=2167 I'm glad the guy in the hat can see the funny side of an MG34/42 in the face