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Ready Aim Fire - Imagine Dragons (Lyrics)

Dodano: 2016-01-27

Wyświetleń: 320222

Czas trwania: 03:58

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Opis materiału Ready Aim Fire - Imagine Dragons (Lyrics)

                  Lyric video for Ready Aim Fire by Imagine Dragons

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If you like this song, you can view a playlist of more singles by Imagine Dragons here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMS7v8tWIz84fTmpdgtL3kuj_40E9DY20

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HELLO 2019!why am I hearing this song just now? wwwhhhyyyy
Why tus song is not in Spotify? Or even uploaded by imagine dragons un YouTube??
Daniela Reynolds Bergling
Nazhatul Shafira
I listen this songs with my cat, now he change to tiger
Sony Limbu
Tony we love you 3000
(fallout 4 context)Desdemona: We don't have a choice to stayMaxson: We rather die than do it your way
Maciej Wrona
It sounds like a musical score
Lego Films0606
This totally fits the final battle of endgame
pea ch