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Bassline UK Garage Mix 2019 #1

Dodano: 2018-12-09

Wyświetleń: 363722

Czas trwania: 21:22

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Opis materiału Bassline UK Garage Mix 2019 #1

                  Vocal bass house, bassline, speed garage, UK GARAGE, Jackin house = bass music in one mix! Music to car, music to workout on the gym or party at home! 
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Sory for these first lines but I used few specific key words which people will probably use when they will searching for "similar" mix  :P

So, this is my new mix from new and also old tunes! My camera stoped recording after 20 min but I think that its not really important :)
I didnt know how to name it because here is many genres but I decided to share it as a continuation series:"bassiline" mixes! 
As always , I would like to say that the mixes are created from passion for music - there are no special skills - I just share the music I like :)
Check my fb :) www.fb.com/djdelayna                


James Kirkman
What is the song mixed in with Thuggish Ruggish Bone at 14:30
Josh Randall
Love it!
Matthew Huff
Yes my girl🔥🔥
Please someone tell me the tune at 5:21 ???!!!
Go on girl!
The Peaceful Hooligan
Got to love a bit of §TU§§Y. Bom Bom Bom! Keep up the good work.
My favorite colour yellow 😊
Eds Eds
Охуенно. И девушка симпатичная.)
Edward Hicks
Frank Rumbold
Wow this is amazing do you hire for partys