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Bassline UK Garage Mix 2019 #1

Dodano: 2018-12-09

Wyświetleń: 160630

Czas trwania: 21:22

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Opis materiału Bassline UK Garage Mix 2019 #1

                  Vocal bass house, bassline, speed garage, UK GARAGE, Jackin house = bass music in one mix! Music to car, music to workout on the gym or party at home! 

Sory for these first lines but I used few specific key words which people will probably use when they will searching for "similar" mix  :P

So, this is my new mix from new and also old tunes! My camera stoped recording after 20 min but I think that its not really important :)
I didnt know how to name it because here is many genres but I decided to share it as a continuation series:"bassiline" mixes! 
As always , I would like to say that the mixes are created from passion for music - there are no special skills - I just share the music I like :)
Check my fb :) www.fb.com/djdelayna                


FroY Klienberg
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Peter Stephens
My brother sent me this link. This mix is dope af.
first music :D ?
Todd Mabry
Love this girl,you can see her confidence growing with every minute,love to see her on pills in a roomful of her mates just straight up killing it.Keep em coming sugarpuff,🎶🎶🔈🔈🔥🔥🔥
Jordan Rushton
Yes rudegal
Track list??
This girl is siiiiiiiiick!! Got me like 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 in the gym more please...
Kerryann Mcnulty
Awsome set , love it straight on my playlist booiii . Belter .
Burger Van Dreamz
LOL!!! Does she even know what that thing in front of her is??? Sh'e literally just turning random nobs and pushing buttons for no reason!Stick to making sandwiches, if you were to play the audio from that mixing deck......it would sound like dog shit.These female "DJ's" haven't a clue, as like most of their viewers. Go take a look at a mixing deck, look what she does, and i think then you may realize this is a pre recorded mix...made by a man being played.
Smooth af !! U go hard girl <3