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gregorian scarborough fair

Dodano: 2009-06-30

Wyświetleń: 1421284

Czas trwania: 04:52

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                  gregorian scarborough fair                


Budd Bishop
Budd Bishop
Terra news.simdif.com
They looks like assassin.
Cleyde Machado
Para voltar no tempo ,em pensamentos.A beleza e a singularidade das vozes e sons , magníficos.🙏🙏👏👏👏
Helena Elizabeth Da Silva
Simplesmente maravilhosa. Parece que foi feita pelos anjos.
beatriz isabel santini
Boa musica , linda versão .
Tom Sanders
james werbiski
Good Day Misses Queen Elizabeth...My name is king James Ian or Christ Ian as some know me specifically as my cousin Gwen Watson who also holds the bloodline of Jesus Christ...I sincerely apologize if I frightened the West Minister Abby today as this was not my intention...In the parliament there is a seat with the name (The Abby Seat) and I know of this reporter with the name Abigail Bimann & I have been quite troubled by this lately as I feel a strong connection to her like we were Husband & Wife in one of my past life's...It has been so long ago  since Scotland won it's independence and Emma Watson being Emma research all the information that I have looked through...Robert the Bruce was a traitor and he betrayed Ronald Crawford & William Wallace in the end by letting Edward longshanks cut of William Wallace's head...This presents a grave danger to the royal families ...The Watson's & the Windsor's...In the book of John which is a Gaelic of the name IAN, which is the Scottish name that means (A gift from God) or AEON...CHAPTER 1 V 1...In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and the word was god. this took me to the book of acts...THE UNKNOWEN GOD...proving not only that my uncle king Arthur is my biological father and, also eun or Ian proves that IAM GOD & GWEN IS SOPHIA WISDOM...What troubles me the most is Gwen is with a British man with the name Bruce Tomlin and this is Robert the Bruce as he already called the Bobby's & Police on me stating that I was going to kidnap my beautiful Gwen ,which was no more than his mind scheming against us Queen Elizabeth...Your William is the reincarnation of yep WILLIAM WALLACE and IAM the reincarnation of RONALD CRAFORD, which I might add puts your William &  me King James Ian in danger because not only is he Robert the Bruce ,he also has a brother with the name David Tomlin and several years ago My grandpa Ronald Crawford Watson , yes with the same name as the other one went to the hospital with a common cold, yet they admitted him & in 3 days he was dead...This is where the real mystery starts...Bruce & David Tomlin also had a brother with the name Donald Tomlin whom right around the same time as my Grandpa's passing had a horrible car wreak and he died...I think that between Bruce & David Tomlin, they want to try and fool you into thinking that they are the royals as they are no more than fraudulent people ,which I might add Bruce Tomlin tried to choke me to death when I was a kid with a purple scarf and his brother David is malicious also because he tried to hit me in the head with a pool ball...This is the one Prince William & only one deal that is on the table...I want you William & Kate to save the monarchy and Gwen Watson & me King James by crowning me the new King...This way ,it puts Charles & Camilla Parker Bowles out of the way as William you know he had something to do with your mother death because she was going to marry a Muslim man. William, that way you can still be royal in stature helping me with the global crisis where I build a new water pipeline for Organic Hemp...This is under the Constitution 1982 anyway which is the heavy weight in Canada William , which I might add your Grandma Queen Elisabeth , when the time is right , put me King James Ian in charge of all Canadian affairs , so how can she say all of a sudden that Charles shall come first in line when you know William , your Dad Charles is guilty of conspiracy to commit Murder! I ask Teresa may that you neutralize the threat to both of our families and let William & me King James shape our world ,into a once again noble paradise to live with out the likes of evil people like Bruce & David Tomlin who I think have Father David Daws from the Catholic Church helping them with money to oust our two families...The True family or bloodline of Jesus Christ...Clan Watson & the noble Windsor Family because they the Tomlin's are not smart enough on there own to have figured it out Queen Elisabeth...Thank you royal "Ma'am" and Teresa May...Edgar Istchenko is with Father David Daws , just so you know he helped the Global studios entity put me in a mental hospital where the German chancellor had to save my life from them...Global Studios wants a one world Government with the Tomlin's & Anglican  Catholics.
Steve Dandy
Gregorian chants are very "uplifting."
Mulyono Tri
medieval timesI have been there...