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J-Hope - Blue Side [Han/Rom/Eng Lyrics]

Dodano: 2018-03-01

Wyświetleń: 386146

Czas trwania: 01:30

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Opis materiału J-Hope - Blue Side [Han/Rom/Eng Lyrics]

                  J-Hope: “Blue Side was made 3 years ago after 1 verse it wasnt that meaningful back thenbut i think i liked the blue feel the wind and the sky. When I hear this song i think about back then when i didnt know much and how sometimes i want to go back.The track is just full of good feels with the blue sky. I left this as the outro without big meaning i just liked how it ended the mixtape nicely”                


typical broskey
i-whenever i hear this song it makes me like lad but happy. you know? like it makes me want to cry but im still happy. i cant describe it. mabey this is what perfection feels like.
Listening to this on full volume is one of the best things
Draco Malfoy
omg i always hear this audio from tik tok
Intan Nabilah
Somehow there is hidden emotional in this song. Its sound deep & lonely.
sunflower melons
whenever i listen to this song i just imagine myself sitting on a hill watching the sun rise with my significant other.
LoveHobi :3
Erin Dunbar
This song was actually designed to reduce anxiety and I find it really helpful for calming myself down when I’m about to have a panic attack
Skylar A.E.
I love his voice so much.. he should sing more
Meg White
the wind chimes on this make me feel so nostalgic for childhood summers spent staring at the wide blue skies with those same wind chimes twinkling in the background...
Rosely Cullen
You are literally Sunshine 💜💜💜💜💜💜