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J-Hope - Blue Side [Han/Rom/Eng Lyrics]

Dodano: 2018-03-01

Wyświetleń: 479641

Czas trwania: 01:30

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Opis materiału J-Hope - Blue Side [Han/Rom/Eng Lyrics]

                  J-Hope: “Blue Side was made 3 years ago after 1 verse it wasnt that meaningful back thenbut i think i liked the blue feel the wind and the sky. When I hear this song i think about back then when i didnt know much and how sometimes i want to go back.The track is just full of good feels with the blue sky. I left this as the outro without big meaning i just liked how it ended the mixtape nicely”                


Yuliaza Karim
I though this is his new song at map of the soul 7... Ahhh really
rianna g.c
The Korean lyrics and romanization don't match
Nadeen Alsaad
the vibe that this song gives is just amazing to me, even though its short and has a small amount of words, i love the vibe.
Erlinda Yunita
ʍմʆϯίƒαηδσʍ ςϯαη
I want a full version of blue side
Icantbreath Withoutbts
WooowFirst time listen to it
Hi I’m Amelie
Omg I knew this song and I recrently started liking k pop and I didn’t knew it was j hope?!
Candace Swart
Valen 2730
I feel good💜😔💜.2019? Anyone?
} entropatic
Looking up at the bright blue sky that gently poured rain on you, a melancholic smile covered your face. The childhood freedom that you longed for once again never came to greet you. As you let out an empty chuckle, the wind waved to you; waving back, you became one with the wind, saying goodbye to all your memories from yesterday and tomorrow.