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J-Hope - Blue Side [Han/Rom/Eng Lyrics]

Dodano: 2018-03-01

Wyświetleń: 363501

Czas trwania: 01:30

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Opis materiału J-Hope - Blue Side [Han/Rom/Eng Lyrics]

                  J-Hope: “Blue Side was made 3 years ago after 1 verse it wasnt that meaningful back thenbut i think i liked the blue feel the wind and the sky. When I hear this song i think about back then when i didnt know much and how sometimes i want to go back.The track is just full of good feels with the blue sky. I left this as the outro without big meaning i just liked how it ended the mixtape nicely”                


Hannah D
this song just makes me cry because i’ve seen so many sad edits with it and i’ve even made one myself but it was a vent i life this song but i just keep crying
Aaliyah Smith
Roses are red violets are blue jhope is my bias like if he's yours too I know but honestly really do not deserve all of his perfection
Fatma Marruş
Ashle Y
When songs get in your feels😭😂😍
Felix Tuomi
I’m getting Gorillaz vibes somehow
Min Yoongi
This song honestly needs to be longer:)
Snox Snox
I had headache and this song made me feel better, it's really relaxing
Hobi's hixtape really shows the 2 different sides of him 💜
Chloe Dearth2
This song makes me feel so sad, I really don't know why, but, it's my go to song. really it gives me mixed feelings
Jeneroo Bitter
'Blue side' sounds like 'bulls eye'