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Chet Faker, Marcus Marr - The Trouble With Us

Dodano: 2015-12-10

Wyświetleń: 10199496

Czas trwania: 03:45

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Opis materiału Chet Faker, Marcus Marr - The Trouble With Us

                  Music video by Chet Faker, Marcus Marr performing The Trouble With Us. Detail Co

Taken from the EP 'Work' with Marcus Marr, out now on Detail Records.
Buy it here: http://geni.us/7xV 
Directed by Kinopravda 
Produced by Jeremy Goold - You Are Here, Zita Kisgergely - PPM and Miklós Kázmér - Umbrella  
Director of photography: Gábor Garai 
Coreography: Andrienn Hód
Set design: Heni Kiss 
Costume: Je Suis Belle 
Post production: Umbrella 
Filmed in Korda Studios



Keita Marislo
Why would you let someone under your clothes if you cannot get under their heart?
Do anything eight times and it becomes cool
Masha Shestovskaya
Обожаю этот клип. Это безумно красиво 💛
KeepItMeke NZ
Still jamming!
William Wensley
My eternal relationship cycle.
I LOVE this video !
Miguel Reveco
Wea buena conchetumare
Lázaro Olier
This a literal documentation of every straight relationship in history: Alcoholism and fights
Odisséia Evolutiva
I can see clearly the feminization of man propaganda right on that clip. They play inverting traditional roles, women dominating while men being utterly submissed to them.If these guys also want a finger shoved up their assess it wouldn't make me surprised - I mean the producers and not the actors.
Josh Rehman
Great song and video, but I can't help notice the mistake at https://youtu.be/JAd--mEjcco?list=RDMMsYsXKhBknyM&t=101 where the last girl in the line doesn't throw her head back at all when she throws the champagne glass back. Really ruins the moment.