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The Sing-Off S2 Ep.2 Opener: Use Somebody

Dodano: 2010-12-12

Wyświetleń: 860256

Czas trwania: 03:33

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Opis materiału The Sing-Off S2 Ep.2 Opener: Use Somebody

                  Based on views, this is the most popular opening number for the first three seasons of The Sing-Off, from Season 2, Episode 2, "Use Somebody" available on "The Sing-Off: The Best of Season 2" on iTunes at http://bit.ly/dWmLhM or on amazon.com at http://amzn.to/ej8Oxh. Also available on "The Sing-Off: Season 2 - Episode 2 - Big Hits" on iTunes at http://bit.ly/hFGlny or on amazon.com at http://amzn.to/gBRLle.  Buy the full Episode 2 (202) on iTunes at http://bit.ly/gaS1RY or on amazon.com at http://amzn.to/gS2EHW.                


jewinsuast dominique
I am back..sing off for life
IAmATanker TheTankerIsMe
This is amazing
Geoffrey Glenn
In my eyes, this is the BEST opening of Season 2. Now that Pitch Slapped and Men of Note were taken out, I can hear the best effects of the 8 remaining groups. And the first crescendo that leads into everyone coming in absolutely BLOWS ME AWAY every single time. Best opening, hands down. Season 1's Under Pressure and Season 3's Sing has nothing on this.
Gerald Hansen
I’m just loving these harmonies and all the littles solos.
John V
Goosebumps Every. Damn. TIME!!!
Mercia Eduardo
OK entendi...back to black
Mercia Eduardo
Eu estava com saudade de você....
Mercia Eduardo
É aqui?
Mercia Eduardo
Amor, vou tomar banho, jantar e as 20:00 eu volto 😘
Mercia Eduardo