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BOOZE & GLORY - "Live It Up" - Official Video (HD)

Dodano: 2019-01-10

Wyświetleń: 251392

Czas trwania: 03:46

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Opis materiału BOOZE & GLORY - "Live It Up" - Official Video (HD)

                  Booze & Glory  - "Live It Up"

Music & Lyrics by Booze & Glory

Recorded and mixed in Soundlab Studios (Orebro, Sweden) 
by Mathias Farm (Millencolin)

Mastered in Unisound by Dan Swano

Video directed & edited by Jaka Curlic (JZA Crew / Punk Rock Holiday)

LIVE IT UP (lyrics)

Stop listening to those you don't wanna listen
Stop fighting the fights you don't wanna fight
You'll soon find out what you've been missing
Do it now before it's too late
Let your life be shaped by decisions you made
Not by the ones you didn't
Forgive, respect, be loyal, fair and kind
You never know what tomorrow can bring
And what it can take away
Live up live for today!
Don't try to be someone you don't wanna be
Don't fake your smile if you have no fun
Don't stick with people you don't wanna see
Change it now it has to be done
If you don't wanna -  do don't do it!
If you don't agree  - say no!
You don't have to trust in the words they say
Your choice, your way, your show!
There's one thing to remember
You gotta start to believe
Nobody'll give you back those wasted years
You gotta start to live!                


Apocolyptic Motors
Fucking true words!!! Fully adopted them a few years back and life now kicks ass!!
puhveli fuul
This is punk but it says something i try to tell my friends and it is so weird :D I love punk but usually it ain't saying go to do something good in your life if you know what i'm meaning? :D I have done these things and guys my life is fucking great now! I'm an expert in a international research team working for the European union and the federation of Russia . Yea still fighting for my football team but those are fights i choose!
Tomas Spirik
Name this singer please?!He sooooooo great
Edilson Rodriguez
Yess !
My Live!!!! Kick and Kick back!!!!
Stephie Reinke
To those who don't like it, because it's different. Did you listen to the lyrics? I think it actually says everything. The song may be different, but that definitely does not make it any worse. I think it's perfect as it is.But everyone has to decide for themself if you want to go forward or if you want to stop and prefer to die sometime in the past. I realy like it, cause it discribes my situation in life at the moment and makes me feel good with the decisions I made. Greetings from Germany
Ivan Lozada
Oi! Oi! Oi!
deedee april lazuardy
Where my oi (skinhead) ????
Pontiki Gri
London skaters crew