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3D Modeling Tutorial #50 - Modifiers Part 6

Dodano: 2014-06-05

Wyświetleń: 4222

Czas trwania: 23:38

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Opis materiału 3D Modeling Tutorial #50 - Modifiers Part 6

                  3D Modeling Tutorial #50 - Modifiers Part 6

In this video I'll give you a comprehensive explanation of 3D Studio Max's modifiers and practical uses for them. 

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nilesh jagtap
How to instantly replace objects in 3ds max without used any script
Tarik Chtiwi
i like your tutorials ! thanks for sharing :)
I'm waiting for most important modifier: "Do what I'm thinking about right now"
Done ! this was interesting.
Bilal Haider
i have been watch all of your videos. :) i tell you, if i had million dollars. i would donate. 10% to you :p
Now this is something usefull