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rolling stones - anybody seen my baby with lyrics

Dodano: 2010-10-26

Wyświetleń: 2525827

Czas trwania: 04:32

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Opis materiału rolling stones - anybody seen my baby with lyrics

                  made for education purposes - learning english language
music from uk 1997 , Album :  Bridges To Babylon, http://www.rollingstones.com/

She confessed her love to me
Then she vanished on the breeze
Trying to hold on to that was just impossible

She was more than beautiful
Closer to etherial
With a kind of down to earth flavor

Close my eyes
It's three in the afternoon
Then I realize
That she's really gone for good

Anybody seen my baby
Anybody seen her around
Love has gone and made me blind
I've looked but I just can't find
She has gotten lost in the crowd

I was flippin' magazines
In that place on Mercer Street
When I thought I spotted her

Getting on a motor bike
Looking really lady like
Didn't she just give me a wave?

Salty tears
It's three in the afternoon
Has she disappeared
Is she really gone for good

Anybody seen my baby
Anybody seen her around
If I just close my eyes
I reach out and touch the prize
Anybody seen her around

We came to rock for Brooklyn ,
and Queen , and Manhattan ,
and The Bronx , and Staten Island ,
I can't forget New Jersey, and Long Island ...
And all over the world, 
we came to rock ,
for everybody like this ...

Anybody seen my baby
Anybody seen her around
If I just close my eyes
I reach out and touch the prize
Anybody seen her around

Lost, lost and never found
I must have called her a thousand times
Sometimes I think she's just in my imagination

Lost in the crowd ...

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Stones or Beatles
this makes me think totally of Ellie Wren Scott.... (r.i.peace, beautiful soul)
Its not gonna workIm out of balance alrradyU find me
Sophia D
Saturday, 9 November 2019Anybody seen my baby ,...
Susanna Kuusela
I will never get tired of listening to this.. <3 <3 <3
I love this song so much! My favorite part is “I was flipping magazines in that place on Mercer Street.”
Shannon E
This album 😍🔥
Victoria Perkovic
Solider of Fortune
Yeah i sow your baby and lyrics walking down the road
S. N
My brother and myself always knowingly look at each other whenever we hear this.27 years ago, a very religious girl we knew was pregnant when she was 15, bringing shame on the family. Within 3 months, she denied ever being pregnant, but she was way months into pregnancy.We still think that baby is buried in their back garden.Her dad still lives in the family home on his own, and I’ve always thought about going there when he was on holiday and digging....