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Danheim - Yggdrasil

Dodano: 2018-05-01

Wyświetleń: 735479

Czas trwania: 04:33

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Opis materiału Danheim - Yggdrasil

                  From the album "Fridr"
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Lyrics (Danish)

Ni verdener står stille (så stille)
Bundet af livets træ,
kendt af de dødelige, ved navnet Yggdrasil.

Hvert træ har sine ringe, gamle historier fortæller.
Under skygge i træets dyb, husker vi navnet yggdrasil. 

Lyrics (Translated to English)

Nine worlds stand still (so still)
Bound by the tree of life,
Known by the mortals, the name Yggdrasil.

Each tree has its rings, old stories they tell us.
In shadows of the depths of the tree, we remember the name Yggdrasil. 


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Trollkien Official
This song makes me understand that I'm a part of something... bigger. The World Tree. Yggdrasil. That feeling... is a little bit scary at first but then... it just seems right. Like all the things should be.
GoldScythe 7
my fav one
Send it to aliens, let them know that there are few good people on the Earth :D
Yvonne Thei
All hail from Urals mountains. We all children Yggdrasil.
my eyes well up and my back spins with chills each time i listen to this. I first got into your music back in Spring 2018, shortly before a close friend of mine killled himself. Each time I hear certain tracks of yours I was recommending to him before he died, I am reminded of him
noviosation maxdom
Full Mentality of old Spirits in my Mind 'nd deep inside my Soul. Thy 4 this Present of an touching Sound.
Эммаnuel Дсоsта
Hey Mike! I really hope you agree and take into account in the future creating songs with these kinda chant, as well as Egilsson and Myrkvdr ♡ Lovely ones ♡
Ioudas v
saludos desde argentina !! me encanta este sonido espiritual !!
Thank you for the music