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ALISON WONDERLAND trap, hip hop and bass DJ set in The Lab LA

Dodano: 2015-06-13

Wyświetleń: 11293497

Czas trwania: 01:19:04

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Opis materiału ALISON WONDERLAND trap, hip hop and bass DJ set in The Lab LA

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Mixmag Lab LA. More Alison Wonderland: https://soundcloud.com/alisonwonderland
For free downloads, news and features - check Mixmag: http://www.mixmag.net
The Lab LA is powered by Void Acoustics: http://www.voidaudio.com/
Streamed from the Wantickets Studio, Hollywood: http://www.wantickets.com/

The Lab LA is our weekly post-work party where we bring you the best American and international DJs live from the heart of Hollywood. This Friday is going to be a wild-one with one of bass music's fastest rising artists, Alison Wonderland.

The Aussie producer/singer/warehouse-party curator has both the talent and charisma elevating her to the top. She released her debut album 'Run' in March 2015, and played Coachella shortly thereafter as her first American show. She has two rounds of sold-out Wonderland Warehouse Projects under her belt and a growing list of dedicated super-fans.                


juan soto
This is a good set awesome job alice n ....
We Be Tuckin
Shes a phoney knob Turner. Sorry. Just a pretty face.
Addie Edwards
Uhg I wish she was my girlfriend ♥️
Ghersson Atahua Hernández
Holy fuck she killed it
The crowd don't deserve her???? Yeah this crowd deserves areal dj .. screw this pop electronic ball of crap ..
Kleb C
Let me start off by saying that this is most likely pre-recorded because she is not Djing live. Not once does she put her headphones on! The music choice is dope but twisting knobs for some sound effects doesnt grant you title of dj. I only love my bed and my mama, Im Sorry!
Bradley Woten
Damn, she’s good. Probably one of my top 5 dubstep artists now. She took my spot for skrillex on my list.
David Lieder
Mono mix? WTF. Your people never heard of stereo?
Cha Her
28:02 Same reaction as the camera man for every drop lol
T Dot Cool