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Queen + Adam Lambert - Love Kills live at the iHeartRadio theatre HD (16th June, 2014)

Dodano: 2014-06-17

Wyświetleń: 259996

Czas trwania: 04:19

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Opis materiału Queen + Adam Lambert - Love Kills live at the iHeartRadio theatre HD (16th June, 2014)

                  Queen + Adam Lambert - Love Kills live at t iHeartRadio theatre (16th July 2014)
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leon jee fritz
beautiful song...beautiful low note..beautiful high note..great performance ..QUEEN and ADAM LAMBERT best couple most ever...💜💜💜
I'm officially sobbing
Fallon Estrello
Wow that’s amazing!!! That’s my new favorite song lol 😂 I love this version !! Freddie’s disco song is my theme song to my life lol 😂
Rapsody Leon
not bad
Madein Heaven
This song is perfect for Adam.
Cok3 Mcd
Freddy Mercury pulled his high notes from the depths of his lungs. this guy squeals them from the back of his throat
Brian dos lo mejor como este compañero de vida no hay cuánto amor y respeto x Freddy!!!?
Eddie W Dee Double Effect
Few tears after this great vocal. Love kills
Annette Turner
Oh my God I just found this I never heard this song before wow Adam killed it that beautiful young man can sing anything wow I am so proud to be a glambert I just wish America will get on board I really do Adam deserves everything
jirka merunka
Imagine what the world would be like If we had governors like Brian May