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Saxon - Crusader

Dodano: 2012-08-27

Wyświetleń: 1818390

Czas trwania: 06:42

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                  Just a "unofficial" Fan Vid - Lossless Audio slightly remastered ! Enjoy ! ;-) 
Cos  of so many questions, the footage is taken from the swedish movie "Arn – The Knight Templar"                


Jeffrey Simpkins
Now war is mostly a video push button. Close quarter with much o fuzzy potatoes.
Gianforchio Putrefazio
Remove kebab year 1000 edition
Jeffrey Simpkins
The knights Templar.
Jeroen de Ridder
my last name means the knight in dutch pretty cool i think :)
One day templars will arise again and they will save the world from all evil!
Hulaud Jeanluc
longue vie au  guerrier saxon
The order of the Temple was a religious and military order from the Christian chivalry of the Middle Ages, whose members were called the Templars.This order was created on the occasion of the Council of Troyes, January 13, 1129, from a militia called the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon. He worked during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries on the accompaniment and protection of pilgrims for Jerusalem in the context of holy war and crusades. He participated actively in the battles that took place during the Crusades and the Iberian Reconquest. In order to carry out its missions and, in particular, to finance them, it established a network of monasteries called commanderies through Western Christian Europe and from donations of land. This sustained activity made order a privileged financial interlocutor of the powers of the time, even leading it to carry out non-profit transactions with certain kings or to have the guard of royal treasures.After the final loss of the Holy Land following the siege of Saint-Jean-d'Acre in 1291, the order was a victim of the struggle between the papacy and the King of France, Philip the Fair. It was dissolved by Pope Clement V on March 13, 1312 following a trial in heresy. The tragic end of the order led to many speculations and legends about him.Among others, their supposed quest for the Holy Grail, the existence of a hidden treasure (like that envisaged in Rennes-le-Château for example), their possible discovery of documents hidden under the Temple of Herod, certain hypotheses their links with Freemasons. In addition, certain groups or secret societies (such as the Rosicrucian) or certain sects, such as the Order of the Solar Temple (and its survivals, such as the Templar College), the Militia Templi or the Ordo Templi Orientis, will subsequently claim the order, affirming their affiliation by relying on the secret survival of the order, without succeeding in proving it, or even sometimes producing false documents.
In 2018 they are occupying every corner of the world...you know what we have to do.
Roberto Metre
Buena rola
Hector Planam
I Will be there