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Nattali Rize & Notis - Rebel Love Feat Zuggu Dan

Dodano: 2015-02-27

Wyświetleń: 369239

Czas trwania: 03:16

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Opis materiału Nattali Rize & Notis - Rebel Love Feat Zuggu Dan

                  Debut Single - sign up for maillist & get free download at: www.nattalirize.com

fb:   facebook.com/nattalirize
insta:  instagram.com/nattalirize
twitter: twitter.com/nattalirize

fb:   facebook.com/notisja
insta:  instagram.com/notisja
twitter: twitter.com/notisja

video: a Onerebel production..
shot by: One Rebel / El Puru (HIMAGES)
edit/animation: Urban Lemon Juice                


Fugly Society
Bwhahahaha.....yo homie, you exist or not? Come here 😂
chur mean sounz
David B
Pushing the love through her music to truly unite the people! Her humble and compassionate spirit is truly a blessing to the world. She recently invited me and my Queen to her show! Thank you again Natalie Rise!
Christopher Ross
Damn 70 years old. Stumbled on her and band. Frickin awesome! Guess it's true a blind squirrel will find a nut. Lol!! I'm a huge blues and old standards. This lady and band converted me.
Bearded Blueberry Farmer
I'm secretly, not secretly in love with her.
Canal Peri Da Ligas
😎😎😎😎😎Wtf!!!São Paulo,PERI!!!
western raven
I am loving this so much
Geni Kameni
dem a rebelz
Olga García Suárez
Beautiful very beauty song. Respet love. Peace 💚 love 💛 Harmony ♥️. Blessing 🌍 💋 Rebel in love♥️
Loma Dkhar
hey guys do u know the band Dewdrops