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Yes - Close To The Edge (Full Album)

Dodano: 2012-06-14

Wyświetleń: 5284114

Czas trwania: 37:54

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Opis materiału Yes - Close To The Edge (Full Album)

                  00:00 - Close To The Edge
18:42 - And You and I
28:51 - Siberian Khatru                


Sean Tomlinson
This is where ORL formed the idea for Frances the Mute... listen to how sonically it is all in tune! L’via is his own interpretation, it has to be!!!
Jaffet Sanz
At my 16 I found this masterpiece right here, this same video, now at my 19 I still love it and I have the album on vinyl, cd and cassette, and excited for the future, at my 40's showing this to my sons and hopefully they love this album same as me, is just a masterpiece
When I first got this, I wanted it to be Fragile 2. It's anything but - and now I'm pleased it's so different. Growing up. :)
pure magic....
If only Beethoven could have heard this ..
Dan H
I bought this album when I was 13 in 72, I still binge listen to it often and still cant get enough.
CTTE fantastic....And You And I plus Siberian Khatru stunning....Thanks
Maria Corcoran
I am listening to this album for the first time in probs 40 years....such sophisticated musicians, Fragile is excellent too.......Listen to pat menthey and lyle mays people....do yourselves a favour....
Maria Corcoran
saw Yes when I was only 16. Mother was away, drove her automatic car 30 kms to concert....no drivers licence....got a manual licence 2 years later.....
Hope Lines
Over five million views for an album over forty years old! Greatness will endure.