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AC DC - Moneytalks (Lyrics)

Dodano: 2014-05-06

Wyświetleń: 882342

Czas trwania: 03:53

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J Ryan
best AC/DC song!!
Sergio Rivera
AC/DC"Money Talks"#23, 1990.
They need to use old Rock for vidoe games more often I've occasionally seen it but definitely not enough
Kaley Dixon
I do keep rockin 💖⚡💖⚡💖
t.o.p twenty one pilots
AcbcacdcacdsAcdc. AcdcAcdc. AcdcAcdcacdcavdcAcdcacdcacdcAcdc. Acdc. Acdc. AcdcAcdc. AcdcAcdcacdcacdcAcdcacdcacdcAcdcAcdcAcdcAcdc AcdcacdcacdcAcdcacdcacdc is what cools my house and dc is a super hero company my two fav things . But not my favorite band
Joshua F
Yup. So if you wanna get somewhere...YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO
Ashley Ruble
I like it
Salvatore Valerioti
Una sprizzata di risveglio nel corpo trenalina al massimo AC DC
unknown unknown
As morally human being You can have my word I will only use my wealth to defend against unethical allegation which are unreasonable The rest consider me a poor man With nothing to support himself with
Something Majestic
Legendss.... Angus kicks everybody's ass at 60. He still Rockin!! AC🔥DC