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12 - John Frusciante - The Will To Death (The Will To Death)

Dodano: 2010-10-08

Wyświetleń: 1938722

Czas trwania: 03:49

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Opis materiału 12 - John Frusciante - The Will To Death (The Will To Death)

                  John Frusciante -  The Will To Death
Album: The Will To Death (2004)

The Will to Death is the fifth studio album by John Frusciante, released on June 22, 2004 on Record Collection. The album reached #36 on the Top Independent Albums chart.

Frequent collaborator Josh Klinghoffer appears, performing drums, bass, and keyboard.

In 2004 Frusciante announced that he would produce six albums during a six month break from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, with The Will to Death being the first of these. Following the long and costly recording of his previous album, Shadows Collide With People, Frusciante decided to experiment with recording music quickly and in a minimalist fashion, performing a maximum of two takes per track.

Frusciante has stated that the album is intended to be "the opposite of Shadows Collide With People": "On The Will to Death, I thought it would be a good idea to make a record with very little backing vocals, because we'd done it so much on Shadows. I always have to have a new idea for each album. For The Will to Death, the idea was to have very little backing vocals. There's a lot of other huge differences. In every way, I wanted the opposite of Shadows.  "

1. A Doubt [4:19]
2. An Exercise [3:47]
3. Time Runs Out [4:00]
4. Loss [5:20]
5. Unchanging [3:54]
6. The Mirror [3:01]
7. A Loop [4:34]
8. Wishing [2:48]
9. Far Away [2:17]
10. The Days Have Turned [2:23]
11. Helical [2:13]
12. The Will To Death [3:48]


And they're thought to be lies
But we saw them, saw them
We looked right in their eyes
Right at them, at them
Pinning space to the world
We're slaughtered, slaughtered
Not a sound to be heard
We're awful, awful

And have you seen how they run out of gas
They beat the pain
They sing in the rain
Endless and formless they fly to the end
And back to the beginning again
Have you put them aside
Your crazy thoughts and dreams
No, they're a part of me
And they all mean one thing

The will to death is what keeps me alive
It's one step away, step away
Limitations are set
Only then can we go all the way, all the way

And have you seen how the cars when they pass
They come your way then they're speeding away
Coming to you and then going away
But for them nothing's changed, no, nothing's changed


Release date: 21st June 2004
Released: Worldwide
Publisher: Record Collection Music
Duration: 42 minutes, 29 seconds
John plays: Guitar, piano, synthesizer and bass on "Far Away", "Unchanging" and "The Will To Death"
Other musicians: As expected, Josh Klinghoffer. He plays drums, bass, keyboards, and guitar on two last songs. He sings some of the backing/harmony vocals as well and he co-wrote "Helical"
Produced by: John Frusciante
Engineered by: Ryan Hewitt
Mixed by: Ryan Hewitt
Assisted by: Rafael Serrano, Jeff Moses
Recorded/mixed at/when: Mad Dog Studios (18-19.12.2003), Larrabee East Studios (8-10.1.2004)
Mastered by/where: Bernie Grundman/Bernie Grundman Mastering Hollywood, CA, USA
Designed by: Mike Piscitelli, John Frusciante
Cover photograph by: Lola Montes
Equipment by: Dave Lee
Management: Q-Prime Inc.



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