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90s Old School Boom Bap type beat x hip hop instrumental | 'Mic Check' prod. by SOLXCE

Dodano: 2018-09-26

Wyświetleń: 4500113

Czas trwania: 03:17

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Opis materiału 90s Old School Boom Bap type beat x hip hop instrumental | 'Mic Check' prod. by SOLXCE

                  Fat Cat Beats presents another dope 90s Old School Boom Bap type beat x Hip Hop instrumental produced by SOLXCE. Subscribe, like, comment or share to support your favorite beat channel. 


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( photo / artwork by Slim Emcee )

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Patrick Alexis
All Caps
I just released an old school 90s MPC kind of beat if anyone's interested. Feedback would be awesome! God bless
Roccostam 11
구독 안누르면진짜 찾아가서 죽인다
Mic check my toungue like ak i didn’t ripNike shoe 하나면 돼 왜냐면 얘네 돌았거든 bang두번째 chapter who got o v who got that cheezeB like eat and punch the catLike 살인범 like min boo얘 마이크 하나 들고 치키뽕 Like flow did rip and let that beeCatch the ryme like 피지 no rit itHit the damn 난 눈깔이 돌아갔어 ramCam 하나 들 왜냐면 얘 진짜 rip eat it난 종이비행기 Tank like mango 없지 팽고난 ㅈㄴ 쫄았어 난 swagger돈다발 없지 죽여버리지아가리 벌리지 o adi and ni 없어 나임Beat the beard peronomia monamania나는야 매니악Mint with nike sauna 새우 chilli Gain natto man black versionAk with am나는 뒤돌아 p.m 안병웅 처럼 안배끼지 coloerMy iv color는 내꿈 20받고 죽여버려 bapboom뱀 boo 나는 제네지네 질라 ㅈㄴ 밟어우디 우디 오디 있어 ㅈㄴ 찾고 친목Mo woo 오랑우탄 like black chill검은 침 놓고 자빠졌어 우린Boom boom 항상 터트려 room401 들어가 다 죽여버리지 modelRole model 항상 말했잖어 B. E. W 하고 나올줄 알지 8 mile걸음마 못땐 아가R.i.p 외치고 shut the 알랍Mic mic mic mic Mc 뒷돈 주고 빼내 my color괜히 줘 like 뒷머니Came from uhuhKilled it bang like tye dieMy new choppa banging like chopchopChoppy steak like 두번째 boombap empire다시 불이 지펴져 like no like usU.s 는 like a 괜히 멋부려Monkey spanner로 내려쳐 like hot chiill레게머리 한 새끼들 뒷돈 뜯지이게 내 habit No habitat look like a real hipHip큰이들 beat 해버려 침Funny look like a monkeyGot ice들고 춤을 춰
The_Second_ Pac_2
This is your best beat, good luck and keep making beats
Poetic Mind
[Verse One: Poetic Mind] Half these rappers is lame ass Acting fly but they going down, plane crash John Smith it's just a name tag Who shot ya? I’m not sure Leakin many shots 2pac Shakur My gun notorious ask B.I.G Put ya in a dimension an you will see Ima shine like a star and u a star witness Snitchin on the homies cuz you ain’t with this. (6ix9ine) Honestly fuck Facebook Police, wanna see, how your face look Ima straight lyrical crook Ask mobb deep they ain't shook Ima the best rapper in my town No i'm the best around' They need to put there brain in they mouf So they think before they speak about You can feel these words like a heart beat My lyrics strapped up like a car seat You raised by the fish, I’m raised where sharks be I stay on point like shark teeth [Verse Two: Poetic Mind] I pack heat For light skin turning em to dark meat I may be nodding off but still wide awake I see the fake I’m so focused I notice When a leaf fall from a tree Don’t play for pussy Cuz they get you fucked for free These dudes be spitting fast But I be conscious with my ass They be sayin nothing with talkin I can hear everything even an ant walkin How can you live for the future If the only thing promised is death? Nothing left, They say death catches up So I fall back Put the chrome to his skull cap And let it blast So last finished first They dudes be talking shit I got this for your ass Sick of there rage I’ll take your face off like Nicholas cage Im a dangerous MC I don’t need no crew Come and test me my dude I’m coming in one deep You’ll need more then a white guy And a camera to punk me... [Verse Three: Poetic Mind] My lyrics are equivalent to Big pun with a rocket launcher As big as him son You’ll take a Big L no pun intended If you can’t tell, they talk about rock and ice Because they can’t rock the mic You want revenge? Keep plotting I’m striking first call me bin laden Ima grind until I fall So you know what I stand for UTU we dig dirt Underground land floor Fuck a banana clip I’ll punch you in the Adam’s apple Watch you chocking on your breath no grapple Go back to the lab and enhance your rhymes Your theory’s are a waste of time... A bunch of flowing artist But they raps are garbage The last cat I rapped against Hasn’t been in a battle since So that tells you how the battle went How they hop in the studio as a train wreck All they do is fuck the track up I need a rain check
Yo, it’s been exactly one year since your most viewed beat was uploaded 👊