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Bazzi - Mine (Lyrics)

Dodano: 2018-03-05

Wyświetleń: 2584323

Czas trwania: 02:16

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Opis materiału Bazzi - Mine (Lyrics)

                  Bazzi - Mine (Lyrics)
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Guy Diamond
This is enother song,I would like to put on a music video of mine,with Poppy and me. Omg,I am just thinking about alot of songs for me to make my own music videos of me and Poppy. Not only me and her,but me and my son,Tiny Diamond. Also music videos of my other Troll friends too.
Langmirche Beypih
I miss him very badly 💔😞
BS FlayeRKa
Песню выучил
Brianna Lawson
Everytime I heard this I thought it was a black guy singing this lol
Cassidy Houtz
2020 anyone😀
Alyssa Hani
Gonna miss this 2020???
Tiff Clemons
There was this sweet, Gorgeous, green eyed boy...I grew up wit...an adore..that showed me this song....that golden onion has hot me going again....
Tiff Clemons
Fixing to drive down ol memory lane...the good Ol farm....when it was mine! Maybe I will see the most spectacular moments there...wit that special someone....🙏❤
Mattie Stewart
20 likes ill sing this to my classroom
Mattie Stewart
Got me in my feelings😀😊