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Billie Eilish - listen before i go (Lyrics)

Dodano: 2019-03-29

Wyświetleń: 8529339

Czas trwania: 04:03

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Opis materiału Billie Eilish - listen before i go (Lyrics)

                  Billie Eilish - listen before i go (Lyrics)

Listen to “listen before i go": http://smarturl.it/BILLIEALBUM
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Lyric video for "listen before i go" by Billie Eilish                


Shadow Music
Where are you from? Don't forget to subscribe. 🖤
Guinevere Silva- Ryan
Why does this song make me cry 😿😿
Butrint Godanci
its my first time listening to this song, but all what i want to say is :If you have depression dont listen this song.
there are two types of comments. both are trying to do the same thing, make people happy.1) A joke.2) Something encouraging or helpful for people with suicidal thoughts. I absolutely dig it! Stay happy out there.
VigiLantTig3r 14
I can't believe I actually cried listening to this. I usually don't cry listening to songs I can relate to but this was too much.
Jojo Ahmed
One of the worst song that i had ever heard
Md Faizan
just closed your and feel tha music🥀🥀
Twentyimagine Spider
Me trying to press the like button through my tears
Maylee Leonards
It’s horrible how suicidal people dont want to die, but just make it stop...
Jimin’s Jams
“I’m fine” is other way of saying “save me”