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Marilyn Manson - SAY10 - Lyrics

Dodano: 2017-10-09

Wyświetleń: 794553

Czas trwania: 04:19

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seth miller
never say GOD
Saadallah Salamalomran
I SAID 20!!!
Victoria Hades
U sad God I say father Hades I love you Daddy
Wolf Doc2244
"I'm a Legend I'm not a Fable," sings MM. Agreed!
Dragica sušnik
Elvin Mirzeliyev
Qli Qlihmza
Kuta dya bachya tu ki kana say 10 mean shaitan or ya khta ha you say God I sad say 10 go go is ke khelaf ha vo is ko comment bhege ke ya kyu khta ha ya pagal ha
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Cash is a poor man's moneyPower is a rich man's money's. Destroy the rich overlords and see freedom reign and the tyranny of money shall die. What's the point of money existing, if we can just agree to equal living status, and work to better the world in all aspects. Try to fathom the idea of it.....and if you're not glitching out from thinking that this current world society status is how the world will always be forever..........well then you have broken your own programming. #Woke#Say10 Lololol.
Bad choice of font though
Dip Bar
You say God , I say Pilgrim!