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Convoy 1978 movie Theme Song

Dodano: 2012-05-11

Wyświetleń: 5184334

Czas trwania: 04:02

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Opis materiału Convoy 1978 movie Theme Song

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This is the theme song for the 1978 Trucker Movie Convoy, I love it :)                


elaine mcginty
Hear you might get msgs quicker
Big Bad Wolf
I remember as a kid in the mid 70's traveling across the country. We would see convoys. Hundreds of trucks in a row. Taking up every lane of the highway. Never knew what it was about till the mid 80's, They had to band together to avoid the cops
jade blues
Now this is the original version from the movie a lot of YouTube or‘s have original in their title but it’s not the original version because they cut out a whole verse for airplay on the radio thanks for posting!
When will people understand that even back in the 70s you couldn't talk to the police on a CB radio.
THAIMEX srt6ick
what E LOGS ..... keep on trucking and use the bypass
My1toplay Gaming
I’m watching the movie and I just wanted to make it better by this song 😀
Bonnita Claus
Remember those days, LOL, most fondly. You actually have to drive. And Wolfcreek pass, cabbage mountain, Eagle mountain, we’re all challenges out of matters of skill. Never white knuckled. Wolfcreek pass was my training Road by my husband. He also took me on several other roads that were closed because of too dangerous.After that, I was a full partner, I drove 12 he drove 12.......... and he would sound asleep when he got in his sleep. he had confidence in me. (1980)
Bernd Heidemann
I was in the haulage business myselves and loved the movie ever since. I remember, that it started a boom on CB's here in western Europe, where CB's were prohibited - but not for long
Omar Fac
Qué pedo, ese wey se le abrió la puerta 1:07 😅
Liljammer Jake smith
1,000 pedals mashing the medel then bears been walking the grass I been watching watching this number every week and never gets old and I been watching since I was little