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Robin Trower "Let There Be A Blues" (Full CD) 2018

Dodano: 2018-06-01

Wyświetleń: 6080

Czas trwania: 01:10:03

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Opis materiału Robin Trower "Let There Be A Blues" (Full CD) 2018

                  This is a collection of Robin Trower's Bluesy side. 
It's entitled : Let There Be A Blues.
Performer: Robin Trower / Album: Let There Be A Blues
Published: 2018 / Genre: Blues Rock. Bitrate: 320 kbps.
All tracks have a starting time mark, click the time to play.
01. 00:00 The Thrill Is Gone 
02. 05:30 Once The Spell Is Broken 
03. 10:39 Something's About To Change 
04. 15:07 Dreams That Shone Like Diamonds 
05. 19:39 Dressed In Gold 
06. 23:16 Secret Place 
07. 27:49 Strange Love 
08. 34:16 Snakes And Ladders
09. 38:59 Till I Reach Home 
10. 45:10 Jigsaw 
11. 48:33 We Will Be Together Someday 
12. 53:32 Make Up Your Mind 
13. 59:06 Returned In Kind 
14. 01:06:28 Delusion Sweet Delusion                


Ken McNamara
Robin is one of the few truly brilliant guitarists und composers of our time. Every CD is a unique experience.
Charlie Dufault
After all these years Robin Trower still bends the strings like an angel would.
Jan Staugaard
Trower= guitar power
John Golby
A really great compilation as are all your posts - thanks for keeping this all going.
Casa da Música
Great collection !!!!! \😍/"Thrill is Gone" - great version."Let There Be a Blues" - Awesome song!"Secret Place" - beautiful chords, ambient, & tones."Dressed in Gold" - nice groove!"Desilusion Sweet Desilusion" - great Song / Great grooveCongrats from Brasil !!!!!
Robin Trower just gets better and better with age...like fine wine. That wicked vibrato...those signature Trower chords. Damn!
Christian Heymann
il capitano submarino passed by
Master great sound!
Scotty Moulds
Excellent Best Of....ROBIN TROWER THE MASTER !!!!! THANKS YOU...