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Saw It Coming (Official Audio from the "Ghostbusters" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Dodano: 2016-06-10

Wyświetleń: 1712691

Czas trwania: 03:36

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Opis materiału Saw It Coming (Official Audio from the "Ghostbusters" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

                  Get G-Eazy x Jeremih "Saw it Coming" off the 'Ghostbusters' Motion Picture Soundtrack Now!
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Aimee Thomson
..we were sawn out
Thalia The BURNT chicken nugget
2019 and i still love this song 😍
Demiah Perry
They better play this song in Ghostbusters 3.
hi person
Omg I'm going back to like play list and I forgot this song existed😂
Nkay Free
Bro that beat drop 😱😨😩
Sylvia Childs
WHO ELSE HEARD THE BURP????????????????
Sylvia Childs
Why is nobody talking about Jeremih in the comments?
Mal Pato
This song was in ghostbusters return
The Crazy Family
Never saw it coming
Dora Lup
Told ya'!