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ASIA - Best Of (compilation)

Dodano: 2016-03-03

Wyświetleń: 274645

Czas trwania: 01:43:30

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Opis materiału ASIA - Best Of (compilation)

                  Compilation of songs from the mythic rock band Asia. From the first album (Asia) to the last one (Gravitas) passing through the Payne era. Not all albums are included. Aria and Aura for example are not my cup of tea...
In my opinion these are the best Asia songs. Hope you enjoy!

1. Wildest Dreams (Asia) 0:00
2. Here Comes The Feeling (Asia) 05:02
3. Don´t Cry (Alpha) 10:53
4. Open Your Eyes (Alpha) 14:24
5. Go (Astra) 20:53
6. Who Will Stop The Rain (Aqua) 25:02
7. Someday (Aqua) 29:37
8. Two Sides Of The Moon (Arena) 35:26
9. The Day Before The War (Arena) 40:48
10. Midnight (Silent Nation) 49:58
11. Parallel Worlds / Vortex / Déyà (Phoenix) 56:23
12. Through My Veins (Omega) 01:04:35
13. There Was A Time (Omega) 01:09:42
14. Bury Me In Willow (xxx) 01:15:41
15. Al Gatto Nero (xxx) 01:21:43
16. Judas (xxx) 01:26:16
17. Gravitas (Gravitas) 01:31:05
18. Till We Meet Again (Gravitas) 01:39:03                


I love the legentary musicians who played in it, but I never thought much of this band's ''hit'' sound. Kind of poor man's ELP it sounds to me. ELP at their worst, that is. Nothing of Yes, in spite of Steve Howe's guitar, or King Crimson, in spite of John Wetton's voice and bass guitar.
Emile Alvarez
super cool morceaux d'époque
Warren Tibbs
In the last 10 years we've lost John Wetton, Greg Lake and Chris Squire.. What a Travesty..3 of the greatest vocalist / bassist / songwriters.. The music world is a lesser place with these 3 gone 😔😔😔
Mario Mejia
Harmony, Rythm, Melody, Lyrics...I do not need videos to LISTEN to great songs (granted, a good video clip is a plus). IMHO.
Edward Snowden
Crinsom and Asia. Thank you John. RIP DUDE!
Playlist Matze
good Best of
Paul Twiss
Asia were great but not sure if the word 'mythic' aptly describes them
jaime pazos norambuena
Una de las mejores bandas de Rock sinfónico de todos los tiempos, gracias por compartir estos temazos.
We really need to be high while listening xd so awesome
Julie Mellon
I lovvvvvvve prog rock! I never knew that Asia was prog until I came across this. I only heard their hits but this is great!