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Glee - Kitty and Artie Dating - Love Love Love

Dodano: 2013-09-27

Wyświetleń: 447440

Czas trwania: 03:56

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Opis materiału Glee - Kitty and Artie Dating - Love Love Love



Javiera Silva
How strong Artie was to carry Kitty at the begginning
Noel Jimenez
Tina looks so confused lol
Roisin H
“ArThUr” oh god
Brenda Chan
Love ximen
Paris Is the best
Tina is a poop PeRiOdT!
Kayti Roy
Artie was such as a manwhore. Lol Artie really got around
Łėxį Jåñë
In my head at the end of glee, Artie dumps Tina and reunites with kitty. I loved them so much together. (They also get married in my imagination, we just don’t see it coz it was too beautiful for us to handle)
To be fair I think Tina was rly trying to help Artie & didn’t want him to get hurt
i wished they had endgame
Trenton Gamble
artie reminds me of timmy from winx club