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Glee - Kitty and Artie Dating - Love Love Love

Dodano: 2013-09-27

Wyświetleń: 387506

Czas trwania: 03:56

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Opis materiału Glee - Kitty and Artie Dating - Love Love Love



María Sierra
Man, this was my OTP
ally sheikh
Blu Moon
Blaine: Kurt and I will have a happy ending Marley’s face: not right now Blaine
D. L.
Honestly, Artie was less misogynistic when he was with Kitty and she was less of a bitch. I liked them together.
agam amos
Tina is annoying as fuck!!! I always want her to stay with mike because mike was grest to her!!! Tina and Artie are the worst ship after blainkofsky!!! Kitty was really happy with artie more than she was with jake the asshole!!! For me it always gonna be TIKE and KITTARTIE ENDGAME❤❤❤
Joshua Walton
Yk i thought they were going 2 sing " Love Love Love" by Donny Hathaway
Mia Larsson
If Tina really did call Kitty out because she cared for Artie and wasn’t just bitter at something she doesn’t have she wouldn’t have looked like that at the end
ruth Norton
I way prefer Kartie and Tike to Tina and Artie
ruth Norton
Ever since Mike dumped Tina she turned into a selfish diva
Sophie Auld
He was so insecure about dating Kitty but then I was like "Hang on we've seen this before" when he dated Brittany in season 2 .........