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Illegal immigrants from Africa storm a beach in southern Spain

Dodano: 2017-08-09

Wyświetleń: 620658

Czas trwania: 36 sek

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Opis materiału Illegal immigrants from Africa storm a beach in southern Spain

                  A group of around two dozen people suspected to be illegal migrants from Africa have arrived by boat on a Spanish beach and scattered among sunbathers.

Amateur video footage showed a black inflatable boat coming ashore in Cadiz, on the southern Spanish coast. As the boat pulled into shallow water, those on board leaped out and ran up the beach. One onlooker asked in an astonished voice, "What's going on?"

Carlos Sanz, who shot the video Wednesday afternoon while on vacation in Cadiz, said the group quickly vanished and police only arrived some time later.

Spanish officials couldn't immediately be reached after office hours.



its pretty impressive actually, to sail across the ocean in that thing.
Lolo_ Saudia Arabia
Why don’t Africans stay in their countries !!!!!!!! This is sick god help Europe
Supernova X
Europe needs an ethnic cleansing really bad!!!
lee zeo
Protect your little girls. From illegal immigrants
Proof the wikangz were black...
KarlMarxTheTalkingParrot Doesn'tKnowWhatHeIsSaying
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabela's Legacy is Over!
Nate Dawg
I bet they want to rape all the children and women on the beach. Savage cockroaches.
ercan kilic