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Marin & Raphaël | Orokana Friends Workshops 4 | Afro Dance

Dodano: 2017-10-31

Wyświetleń: 4369570

Czas trwania: 04:59

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Opis materiału Marin & Raphaël | Orokana Friends Workshops 4 | Afro Dance

                  Afro Dance Choreo by Marin & Raphaël | Orokana Friends Dance Workshops 4 | 

#Afro_Twerk_Challenge 2017 (DeeJay TMX x Flex)

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Shenice Smallman
Hearing ah lil trini in it❤🆗️🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹
Wachney Joseph
Manvi konn danse tou
everything_ _everything
Do they have an account apart from this on orkana world
Samuel Walter
I really want to learn how to dance, i love dancing. Orokanaworld please i need your email so we can talk. I want to know the requirements to be your student. My Email: [email protected]
Sebastian Niño
la chica del 1:22 <3 alguien sabe el nombre?
Genthia Bregita delannoy
Zet het slomotion 0,75 kapot leuk en het wordt een Spangen beat
Miss La-belle
Caleb Fiddler
If you guys know Kirsten Dodgen from Auckland NZ.... she would perfectly fit this style of dancing... and would slay this choreo.... it’s similar to her choreography.... Check her out.
ãÿå ãNáiš
Nikola Sz.
You would record a tutorial on this dance and you really want to learn it 😍