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Lenny Kravitz-Stand by My Woman

Dodano: 2015-03-09

Wyświetleń: 278960

Czas trwania: 04:20

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Opis materiału Lenny Kravitz-Stand by My Woman

                  lenny kravitz greatest hits                


Lena Möttus
♡Oh♡My♡I'm♡♡♡Got♡So♡Very♡♡♡Sleepy♡Right♡♡♡Now♡My♡Baby♡♡I'm♡Are♡Truly♡♡So♡Deeply♡Is♡♡Longingly♡And♡♡Missing♡To♡Be♡♡Right♡Next♡To♡♡You♡My♡Baby♡♡To♡Be♡Skin♡2♡♡Skin♡Mmm♡Oh♡♡That♡Mmm♡♡♡♡Cuddel♡To♡Be♡♡Cherish♡And♡♡♡All♡Our♡Yeah♡♡Affection♡For♡♡♡Each♡Other♡♡♡♡Mmmm♡I'm♡, ♡Say♡Good♡♡♡♡Night♡To♡You♡My♡Honey♡Bee♡&♡Good♡Morning♡♡To♡You♡To♡♡♡My♡True♡Love♡♡Endlessly♡. ♡Sweet♡Dreams♡♡My♡Darling♡, ♡ #LennyKravitz ♡
Only by gods grace
So beautiful .. can’t believe it’s the first time I’ve heard this 💞
Nonki Sibanda
Sara Smolenska
cruz morales
cual es la letra de esta cancion
Missy Seager
What a man to realize what he needs to do. And not let others influence him to do different
Vračarić Stefan
Simply amazing! 👏
Verger Christophe
Surtout si ta copine vient de te larguer comme une vieille merde n'écoute pas ca, oh grand jamais, sinon c'est la corde assurée
Marilyn Rodriguez
Damn Beautiful Love the song the lyrics passion instumentals the meaning That is a dream come true let a man stand and not hide behind the woman I believe
Claudia Olsen
LOVE this song!