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AC/DC - Happy New Year! - Have A Drink On Me

Dodano: 2016-12-31

Wyświetleń: 1421716

Czas trwania: 03:59

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Opis materiału AC/DC - Happy New Year! - Have A Drink On Me

                  Happy New Year! ⚡️


Sarah Hansen
The Blonde
The other day my cousin told me Keith Richards finally quit smoking, you know what I told my cousin? And I quote “Sheesh!!! He’s going to live another 100 years!!!”
Randy Dubin
Gloria Browning
Gee no worries no
Who's from 29.01.20 press like
Dan Mcgroarty
Just did eleven years so sober . Hi
Giacomo Manunta
Un pezzo dei migliori ...
Михаил Зубенко
Pyrex Whippa
Everytime this song comes on the radio makes me wanna do illegal shit!🤟🏽
Arrow Aerie Aragon
I like to pretend AC/DC is the family that people want to join along with others they love to make a gigantic family, full of love and tears of joy. 1973 was the best year that was full of joy and fireworks, and I salute this band for making memories I hope will and can be remembered. AC/DC is a group of best friends that treat each other like family with love and satisfaction. These songs give power and hope and faith and confidence. And now that these songs came from the 1970s to 2020, Iron Man movies are lit and incredible with these kinds of songs. But if you're gonna have a Marvel movie or any cool movie that's amazing and full of courage, it has to be AC/DC. Bon Scott. Malcolm Young. Brian Johnson. Angus Young. Cliff Williams. Paul Rudd. We all salute you guys.