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Sanctuary | 1987 | Refuge Denied [FULL ALBUM] HQ

Dodano: 2015-06-16

Wyświetleń: 134134

Czas trwania: 39:49

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Opis materiału Sanctuary | 1987 | Refuge Denied [FULL ALBUM] HQ

                  Band: Sanctuary
Album: Refuge Denied
Year: 1987
Genre: Power/Heavy Metal
Country: USA
Label: Epic Records


Warrel Dane (R.I.P. December 13th 2017) - Vocals
Jim Sheppard - Bass
Lenny Rutledge - Guitars, Vocals (additional)
Sean Blosl - Guitars, Vocals (additional)
Dave Budbill - Drums, Vocals (additional)


01. Battle Angels - 0:00
02. Termination Force - 4:51
03. Die For My Sins - 8:31
04. Soldiers Of Steel - 12:15
05. Sanctuary - 17:47
06. White Rabbit - 21:46
07. Ascension To Destiny - 24:59
08. The Third War - 29:58
09. Veil Of Disguise - 33:52

All rights belong to Sanctuary.                


Simon Psychosis
To be a part of not one but two essential metal bands is quite an accomplishment, and obviously Mr. Dane was up to the challenge. A singular, spectacular talent is gone. RIP, sir, and thanks for some of the best albums of all time.
Rafael Joaquim
Headbanger forever
mike Lindemann
There's power here, we shall join and make a standFear lives inside your mind and it whispers my commandOur leaders they tell us right and wrongRebellion is close at handWho are you to say what's rightSpit in your face, we will upriseViolate, dominate, feel the force to terminateWho are you to take our livesViolate, dominate, feel the force to terminateAnd so it's done, chaos surrounds this world gone madI dream of peace and loveNo turning back it's not in their planIt's over before it beganIt's over…
yoki thud 69
Been into heavy metal for over 40 years now and always get a buzz from bands like these guys this is whay metal is all about theres more to metal than metallica and shitknot
Common Sense
Great fucking album
Lance Rambert
I'd seen Sanctuary live and there were tons of people but then later I'll never forget I went to see the first Nevermore show and hardly anyone came. It was in Portland Oregon and the "Grunge" scene was in full bloom so basically nobody wanted to see something this heavy.
Panos Antypas
loriann lester
Wow! I hadn't heard this band until I started dating this guy about 2 months ago. He's at their concert presently!!!
Jon Clarkson
Welcome to HELL Warrell. Rest in fire.
Roman Terry
First im reading about warrel dane dying..thats a lie... Herd it on the radio last year.. but didnt want to believe it..Still don't... His vocals were god like