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300 Pound Music Millionaire to IRON MAN ATHLETE

Dodano: 2018-01-01

Wyświetleń: 2107028

Czas trwania: 07:50

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Opis materiału 300 Pound Music Millionaire to IRON MAN ATHLETE

                  Charlie Jabaley’s Instagram: @Charliejabaley 

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hi guys i got so inspired with u guys u r awesome i wanna join u guys i m from India i wanna get out of my comfort zone and wanna jump from plane go deep down ocean wanna break the records just wanted a way to get can i get a job just wanna be with u guys to get limitless wanna show myself ya i can do it i can i will thanks )
samaksh gupta
Jack Pilger
0:35 Who's here from Atlanta?
kk death
I wish I could share this to my school
You help me be inspired, I contemplated killing myself multiple times from the people I love calling me fat and teasing me , then I found this video , you helped me loose 15 pounds in 1 week , much love bro I’m going to keep going watching this everyday running everyday at 6:30 am to 7 am because I can’t run that long yet . Much love bro !
good for you. But man. Watch out. Ego is the enemy.
Patrick s Andersen
every body is talking about how big they are, and how much they lost. its really impressive. but for me just taking 1 kg more on is hard. like really hard. i have done so much seeking for the magical feed. so i could eat enough so i could grow. but it never happens. people look at big dudes and are thinking how hard it is to lose weight but trust me its just ass hard to take weight on. and if u wont it to be just a little healthy its even harder. with 4000 cal every day and still not taking any weight on. i mean i was eating my brain out. after 3 years of seeking and trying 100 of cures. i thought is was never going to happen. but for a little more then a year ago. i begin to chance my life. i wont to be a pro bodybuilder and i'm not gonna give up. in 1 year i toke 20 kg. on me from 60 kg to 80 kg. i know its not a fitness channel but u guys still made me follow it and made me be willing to chance so much. one day i'm gonna stand where u guys are now and speaking to others and shewing them if i can they can. making others go for they dream like i did/do.. thanks. for the motivations Yes Theory.
Very inspirational.
Marc Engelhard
was that brain tumor fat, my brain is 80% fat or something too. Reversing brain tumors aint a real thing guys. But good video, motivating as fuck!
The video is great guys <3Love the inspiration. History of this guy is great. Very motivational.And the music is also awesome :DBtw. does anyone know the name of the song at 2:55? Its amazing! Would love to add this to my workout playlist <3