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Pearl Jam - Come Back (Like Crazy) [HD]

Dodano: 2018-06-24

Wyświetleń: 1372010

Czas trwania: 05:27

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Opis materiału Pearl Jam - Come Back (Like Crazy) [HD]

                  Come back.

Pearl Jam featuring Felicity Jones & Anton Yelchin. [HD]

Movie by Drake Doremus

Movie: Like Crazy - A film by Indian Paintbrush, Super Crispy Entertainment, Paramount Vantage.

Song by Pearl Jam.

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I DO NOT OWN THE MOVIE NOR THE SONG. I ONLY OWN THE EDITING. Made using Adobe Premiere.                


Leti Tersigni
If I keep holding outWill the light shine through?Under this broken roofIt's only rain that I feelI've been wishin' out the daysOh oh ohCome backI have been planning outAll that I'd say to youSince you slipped awayKnow that I still remain trueI've been wishin' out the daysPlease say that if you hadn't have gone nowI wouldn't have lost you another wayFrom wherever you areOh oh oh ohCome backAnd these days, they linger on, yeah, yeahAnd in the night, I've been waiting forA real possibility that I may meet you in my dreamsI go to sleepIf I don't fall apartWill my memory stay clear?So you had to goAnd I had to remain hereBut the strangest thing to dateSo far away and yet you feel so closeI'm not going to question it any other wayIt must be an open door for youTo come backAnd the days they linger on, yeahEvery night I'm waiting forThe real possibility that I may meet you in my dreamsSometimes you're there and you're talking back to meCome the morning I could swear you're next to meAnd it's okIt's ok, it's okI'll be hereCome back, come backI'll be hereCome back, come backI'll be hereCome back, come backOoooooooOoooooooOoooooooOooooooo
This pedophile sure can put a tune together, cant he. Quite the musically inclined little satanic freak he turned out to be. 😂😂🤣🤢🤮🤮
Rachel Brudenell
💔 #tune
Airton Lopsan
Esse video acabou comigo, uma das musicas mais fodas que existem, e o Anton nele, poxa vida, isso eu nao esperava, Descanse em paz Anton
Lu Monteiro
Pearl Jam...forever in my ❤
Nepal Rock and Roll
Hey Jenny,I miss u much more than u ever thought. Pearl Jam holding all the depressing people alive composing a song about the depressive people.
Como eu amo essa voz!!!
Ana María Valdera
Chaotic Demons
that girl is so beautiful
fernanda bueno
Apreciando essa música linda em 2020