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Dionne Warwick: (Theme From) Valley of the Dolls

Dodano: 2015-10-31

Wyświetleń: 42067

Czas trwania: 03:38

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Opis materiału Dionne Warwick: (Theme From) Valley of the Dolls

                  "(Theme From) Valley of the Dolls " è una canzone del 1967 di André e Dory Previn, composta per la versione cinematografica del romanzo di Jacqueline Susann "Valley of the Dolls", registrata da Dionne Warwick, piazzandosi al 2 ° posto per quattro settimane sulla Billboard Hot 100 nei primi mesi del 1968, e # 1 su Record World chart. La canzone è stata la B-side di un altro brano con milioni di vendita composta per Warwick da Burt Bacharach e Hal David, "I Say a Little Prayer".                


Cristina M Hubner Beal
This is a great song ,what lyrics ! amazing and movie ,and forever a Classic in the world of Arts showing us ,copy of our reality . Just l,adoro , Obrigado ,C
S. Fumbanks Jr.
This song forces me to sit and stop whatever it is I'm doing, and just enjoy its beauty.....
Eugene Higgins
Dionne sing this so beautifully but wished she had sing the words to the whole song like she did in the movie.
now this is one flick they could remake!! IF they stayed close to the book for sure....Helen Mirren as Helen Lawson OR Judy Dench!!....lets see... Rihanna as Jennifer....of course Gaga as Neely!!! Jennifer Lawrence as Anne??? Mathew Mchonaho as Lyon for sure...Bradley Cooper as Tony... DAMN what a dream cast lol
arthurwaighorn frank
what an beautifull writer.gods speed .
Why no scenes with Sharon Tate?
Remember this movie so well..It is a reminder of how one can get very lost and can make it back from the snake pit. Thank god one out of the three women connected the dot's and went back home to the simple life.
Judy Connell
I Love This Song
eugene fried
women need paramaters in society of something good to follow. As well as some kind ofsisterhood of kindness. America's BIG claim to fame is the demolishment of womens'security in the WORLD. That this has been a political attack on YOUR happiness andwell being in YOUR home is WHY. To quote thomas jefferson: I tremble for my countrywhen I understand that our GOOD god is JUST.
This song is simply stunning . A classic from the sixtees .Will always make me think of the beautiful Sharon tate and what could have been for her .The movie itself was very happening at the time . Loved it