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Nightcore - The World Calling

Dodano: 2014-03-30

Wyświetleń: 2130427

Czas trwania: 03:19

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Opis materiału Nightcore - The World Calling

                  [Requested by Francisco Conde]
Music: The World Calling - There For Tomorrow
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Pic Link: http://www.deviantart.com/art/DarkArmin2-398241939
Pic Origin: Anime - Attack on Titan                


Twinkle Garg
Just the best song for so cool Armin
Nevermore 721
I can relate to this song.
Charmzura -
There is no way this is someone from attack on titan 😐
Mild Yandere
I didn't recognise armin at first XD.
zero codo
Cooool 💜
Blue Star
I thought it wasn't Armin until I zoomed it!!! Wtf!!!
Creative Username
the good shit
brokn hearts
I love this song but 2:15 ruins everything
Сергей Матвеев
; )))
Armin..? more like Alois’ lovechild 😂