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Keanu Reeves - SAY GOODBYE end of Sweet November

Dodano: 2009-11-28

Wyświetleń: 199129

Czas trwania: 04:08

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Opis materiału Keanu Reeves - SAY GOODBYE end of Sweet November

                  I do not make claim to nor have ownership of these movie clips. All right are reserved by Copyright Owners. Another video from the Keanu Reeves movie Sweet November.  The ending is so sad yet romantic. I used Bobby Kidd, Melbourne, Australia, my favorite POP Rock Singer-Songwriter's song:  SAY GOODBYE.  I hope you enjoy this video.                


Juan Morales
Como se llama esta película?
Ana Leite
ao desprender nelson dss coisas materiais ela libertou ele para amar de verdade lindo filme......
Soledad Contreras
excelente.pelicula me encanta!!!!
JenL C
amarettaludia: i to am a hopeless romantic at heart.. i find morbid films romantic n loving, its like a fairy tale book, where u wish u were the princess only that it rarely happens n wen i does,ul never know it was der until its gone.. i love this movie.. n a whole lot more.. this are the type of films where u can really see genuine love.. :)... love all about love.. im really inlove wit love.. :D
شاكر محمد
جونان الاغنيه
tracy birmingham covington
thanku so much I guess I first email was too long,,god bless u maybe we can shareour storys someday my x was always gone in my recovery ..if I hadn't got a second appion out of Baylor I would have ben gone 2006 ..15 surgery 8 months in recover ..sadest scarest thing ever I am too in seeing someone that excepts for who I am to day thanks for shareing my new found friend..best wishes and prayers to u I have a yearly ck up due now..so say a prayer I am now 7 years free of the devil cancer..
Tracy, go to my SIDI playlist and look for the video: Sidi's Cancer Scare: Preciose_Marc Anthony. I created that video about my experience of going thru my Cancer treatments.
I too am a Cancer survivor of 18 yrs and I went thru it ALONE. I saw my whole life flash before my eyes. I still have my struggles every day to just stay Cancer free but the beautiful news is that I now have a beautiful person who has been in my life for 3 yrs and loves me just the way I am. Hang in there . . . God loves you.
tracy birmingham covington
yes this movie made me cry so much !!!!!!!! If I had that kind of love by my side when I was so sick I think I would have healed faster but instead it was horrific.!!.but im better im a cancer survive r6 year remission. I still have my struggles. i couldn't bare to say goodbye to my girls .thankyou god for letting me live... I love all these songs so .much..