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Paul Gannon feat. Elle Mariachi - Brighter (Original Mix) [Lowded Recordings]

Dodano: 2019-04-05

Wyświetleń: 1072

Czas trwania: 04:31

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Opis materiału Paul Gannon feat. Elle Mariachi - Brighter (Original Mix) [Lowded Recordings]

                  Paul Gannon - Brighter ft. Elle Mariachi is OUT NOW!

Download/Stream 👉🏻 http://smarturl.it/PaulGannon-Brighter                


casper -_- luk
That's the answer I got from Tomorrowland, on my email:Hello LukasThank you for your email and interest.You can imagine we receive many requests from all different DJ's. The artist booker contacts all agencies or artists himself, in case there is interest. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to send you contact info.Musical regards,Muzikale groeten,TomorrowlandMaybe you would like to perform there?Well coll then you would become better known and could make it full-time (especially then would come from more first-class Merlbourne bounce music of you)😍👌🏻😯
casper -_- luk
I have an artist (Paul Gannon) whom I have been following for years on youtube, who in my opinion makes music where there is absolutely the tommorland stage and top notch merlbourne bounce music, unfortunately he does not perform as the subscribers are missing and so the spread of his name is missing, so I ask you to listen to him and possibly consider a collaboration (either a stage occurs or even contacts to known / larger artists / DJ's) would be grateful because it is so untapped potential :(... I sent that to Tomorrowland, maybe your first-class work as a DJ will be appreciated :)
Please remix zen me ai dou ai bu gou
Kevin Coronel
Kevin Coronel
Karan Kamble
Big fan from years..
Karan Kamble
D energy in ur tracks💣 damn