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Rambling On My Mind - Robert Johnson

Dodano: 2008-07-14

Wyświetleń: 637699

Czas trwania: 03:21

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Opis materiału Rambling On My Mind - Robert Johnson

                  I have taken 'Rambling On My Mind', slowed it down a bit and lowered the key to approximate a slower tape.

Recently, an old music tutor of mine - Paul Scott contacted me to say: "The Robert Johnson recordings were not done originally to tape. They ...  Read Morewere electrical recordings, done directly to matrices. Tape recording only began being used after the Second World War - it was a German invention."

This means that the songs we hear are the originals, or that they were speeded up when they were transferred to tape later on.                


Da Xman
Absolutely horrid version of this song. Something's wildly wrong with the speed of this recording.
No......its better at its normal speed. Sounds lousey
Mike Gogel
Might help learn how to play the song tho huh
Mike Gogel
Way to slow
His voice might have been lower than the "original" recordings, but this clearly does not sound like his natural voice.
William Dines
This is not true resolution... it has been slowed down a little too much for it to be convincing or accurate.
M Modrow
who did 51 thumbs down???
Music such as this one are all the reasons I do what I do. Everytime id ride around with my old man, he'll play all these great classics. Every song was about hitting the road haha, 20 years later here I am, on the road. Yall give my travel page a look! Ive been rubbertramping alone in my Toyota for 2 years now working my way up to Alaska & just thought ehh why not make cool videos of my adventures. Im new to youtube. Feel free to give me some tips & such! Thank you guys! :D
Hat Man
Yeah some of the recordings are indeed sped up. (A LITTLE !!) This degree of speed reduction is quite extreme.. but on the other hand it is nice to listen deeper into the subtleties of Johnson's performance here
the-real- whiteboi-e 1983richlife
Old school did his thang